We are in a potent time, to rise up and claim our power to live our lives how we want to, not dictated by someone else.

So many of us are hearing this calling from our souls, but unsure how to proceed.

For those of you who seek to make a difference in the world by stepping into your power, I'd love to work with you.


Intuitive Empowerment

Let's journey together to discover answers to your biggest questions.

This is my take on a traditional "reading."



Clear out the out-dated aspects of yourself and step into who you WANT to be

Join me for a session that packs in intuitive guidance and uses energetic clearing to get rid of what's been holding you back.


The 3 Pack

When you know you want to go deep and one session isn't enough.

We'll use a combo of the Intuitive Empowerment sessions and Power Hour to get you right with yourself, again.



V.I.P Alchemy

Get on-going support over the course of 3-months to facilitate your transformation.

We'll connect on a regular basis to explore opportunities for growth.

This package is the ideal way to work side-by-side while you become more trusting of your own intuition and start to uncover the answers that lie within.

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