Work with me

The truth is, we've been in hiding.

We've kept our witch ~ mystic ~ innovator ~ artist ~ healer ~ adventurer locked up.

She's been persecuted so many times, it's not even funny...

There is no where left to hide.

There is no one else to look to.

We are the leaders and the way showers.

When we re-discover these most authentic aspects of ourselves, we are unstoppable.

As we step into our authentic nature, we lead the way for others to do the same.


Email Readings


Intuitive guidance and support, just like you would get on a live call, but it is delivered via email.

I'll tap in to your preferred area of interest and uncover what lies below the surface, awaiting your discovery.

My email readings are never just "readings," with info thrown at you from all directions. They are chocked full of info, but also the BEST ways to implement the knowledge or strategies to put it all to good use.

When you go below the surface, you're getting a glimpse of your current life, but from backstage. You'll receive intuitive guidance about what is currently happening, what you can expect if you stay on your current path and constructive solutions to any problems you are facing.

Email readings are approximately 1200 words, that you receive in PDF format.

After going through PayPal, you'll be directed to a Google Form to complete your order.

Investment: $147AUD

The Blitz


For when you need some intuitive insight and need it fast, this 30-min sesh will get you back on track.

You're uncertain and a little disoriented.

But, you have to uncover the deepest parts of yourself and see the truth of the situation.

You can't spend another day being less than 100% authentic and you're ready to uncover the truth.

You want more confidence,




in your business, in your life, in your relationship

The Blitz is 30-minutes of us connecting via Zoom to take a look at what is holding you back. We may discover past life agreements, blocks along your path or places you’ve given your power away.

Investment: $77AUD

The Power Hour


Step into the extraordinary.

We hold the key to this secret garden that is beyond ordinary within us all.

Sometimes, though, we forget where we've put it.

The Power Hour is an opportunity to bust through the stress, anxiety and turmoil that have been holding you back.

This is an opportunity to get in touch with your most authentic self.

We simply do not have time to mess around, acting like we don't know our purpose.

We always know, somewhere deep inside us, sometimes we need help finding they key to ourselves.

And, I can say this because my journey has been the same...playing it small and safe so I don't upend the other passengers on my boat.

Well, I've flipped my boat, a lot of times and have lived to tell about it.

Through a magical blend of my experiences and intuitive skill and a dash of humor, we'll untangled the predicament you're in,  and you'll leave with actionable steps so that you can step more fully into yourself.

You'll reconnect with that extraordinary aspect of you.

Investment: $147AUD