This package of 10 meditations will take your child on a journey to:

Discover their inner hero

Meet their guides

Connect with crystalline energy

Defeat foes

Tune into their own intuition


This series is ideal for young people ages 7-12, but older and younger children (and the young at heart) will still benefit and enjoy the experience!

Each meditation begins and ends, roughly, the same way, to increase predictability for kids and allow them to relax more deeply.

And, all are stand alone and do not need to be completed in order (except for #8 & 9). The meditations follow a story line, so I do suggest following them, in order.

#10 does not follow the story line. It is meant to be used daily, or as needed to help your kids clear their energy and experience deep relaxation.

The Hero Within(1).png
  1. The Hero Within

In this meditation, your child will meet their inner “hero.” This meditation sets the stage for the remainder of the series. It will also acquaint them with their inner strength and bravery.

Meet Your Guide(1).png

2. Meet Your Guide

Your child will come face-to-face with their spirit guide/guardian angel. They may discover their guide’s name and, even, their purpose for working together.

Meet Your Animal Guide.png

3. Meet Your Animal Guide

Much like meeting their spirit guide, your child will meet their animal guide and experience safety and protection as they begin their journey, together.

The Lost Forest.png

4. The Dark Forest

With both of their guides by their side, this meditation begins the trek through the forest. Your child will meet and defeat a “beast” with the help of their guides and setting the intention of sending love from their heart space.

Crystal Lagoon.png

5. The Crystal Cove

Designed to help your child connect with their Atlantean lifetime(s), they will end up in a crystal-laden lagoon, complete with merpeople.

Throne Room.png

6. The Throne Room

The Throne Room is all about receiving Divine energy from the Universe. The act of receiving helps our kids balance their feminine energy, and receive a total recharge in just a few minutes.


7. The Labyrinth

This meditation will help your child rely on their own intuition to navigate through a labyrinth. Like all labyrinths, there is a mysterious creature at the end of the path.

Slaying the Beast.png

8. Slaying the Beast

Once again, your child will be uniting their energy with that of their guides to defeat a ferocious creature. The purpose is to help put your child in touch with their own personal energy and the strength they have within; and to harness their masculine energy.

The Victor.png

9. The Victor

Your child will taste the thrill of victory, in a room surrounded by all their favorite people and things. They will (telepathically) communicate about their experience on their magical journey.

Bubbles of Light(4).png

10. Bubbles of Light

While most meditations in this pack can stand alone. This one is designed to be used on its own, no matter the day, time or progress through the other meditations.

This is an opportunity for your kids to clear their energy field and experience DEEP relaxation.

All of the meditations are available for download on ANY device, once you purchase. There is no limit on the number of devices you can put them on.

These meditations are NOW available at an introductory rate of just $55 AUD (~$40 USD) until 2019!

Regular Price = $66AUD (~$50USD)

All orders will also come with a free PDF booklet for use after the meditation, to draw picture or write a description, to help your kids remember the experience.

Instructor’s License

The Instructor’s License will allow you to use the meditations commercially, in your kids’ yoga classes, mindfulness workshops or to meet any of your business’ needs.

You’ll get access to transcripts of the meditations to read yourself, all the meditations AND the guidebook.