Whose Kool-Aid Are You Drinking?

While I am sitting here clacking away on my keyboard and then deleting everything I’ve written and starting again, I can feel the hypocrisy of the words that are about to spew forth from my fingers.

As someone writing a blog about spirituality, I’m sharing my opinion, but also taking on the role of “expert.” I mean, who writes a blog without some degree of expertise in the subject? When you read this, keep this notion in mind, consider both sides of the coin.

As physical beings, connected to a spirit, we are inherently spiritual. Through eons of subjugation, we’ve been taught to defer our knowledge and wisdom to the masters.

There can be no question why religious leaders were the only members who society who could read and write. Those with the knowledge have the power.

It’s easy to hide knowledge by simply blocking access to it from the common people and teaching them to go through their religious leaders to find “truth” and salvation.

I’m not one to put a lot of stock in salvation, but I will jump in a pool full of Truth, any day. Not “truth” but Truth.

What’s the difference?

“truth” is what someone else asserts to you to be fact. You have no knowledge of your own in regard to this matter, so you take their word at face value. You don’t search for yourself or form your own opinion. You take this information at face value.

Truth (always with a capital ‘T’) is a much difference entity.

Truth is the Universe. Truth is the Law. Truth is what is real.

You’re probably thinking (after your eyes settle back into place from the top of your skull), “

Ok, great, but who decides what is Truth?”

We do.

Inherently, we are God. We are specks in the ocean of consciousness that creates what is God. It’s a little bit like giving a single cell in your finger nail, that you’re about to cut off, the ability to decide what is Truth. But, it happens.

We get to decide what makes sense to us, what we perceive, what we believe, comprise our Truth.

Fortunately for us, we don’t live in a totalitarian universe. We can change our mind. We can learn, grow, and outgrow our Truths. That doesn’t make them lies or any less true to us in the moment we believe in these ideals, feelings or facts.

Our entire incarnation cycle is built upon remembering and rediscovering our inner Truth, our inner Oneness; that we are Source.

This is definitely harder to do when we take on a physical body and are faced with war, famine, abuse, tragedy.

But, we can make a choice.

We can stop playing into the program that other people, the media, “gurus” are telling us is our Truth.

We can start exploring for ourselves; taking in new content and ideas.

Keep what fits, discard the rest.

What if you discard a Truth because you missed it? It’s not going away forever, you’ll have more opportunities to pick it back up and see how shiny it really is.

Instead of relying on other people, start to decide on your own what is True.

Stop drinking someone else’s Kool-aid and start making your own.