Who Are These Magical Children?

Years ago, I was teaching high school special education. My position was all about supporting kids who were in mainstream classes, but needed extra time and help with their work.

As I got to know my students, I was realizing that most of them had psychic abilities. They were seeing, hearing and feelings things that most of their classmates were not.

One of my students could even look at pictures of other people and tell me if they were “magical” or not.

That’s when I started using the phrase “magical” to describe people tapping into these innate abilities.

What I also noticed was that a majority of students who had been characterized as having “special needs” were also magical.

Now, I don’t believe that just because two things are related, one is the cause of the other.

This did get me thinking about what is actually happening within these kids.

All of us are born with antennae that connect us to the unseen world. Even the most muggle people we know we these antennae.

In some of us, the antennae are picking up more signals, more input is coming in. In a sense, we have more channels available.

These channels are our extrasensory abilities.

For instance, I have a very strong channel of claircognizance. This ability is defined “clear knowing,” I just know things. I don’t even know how I know them.

A friend of mine has clairaudience, or clear hearing, as her strongest channel. She receives messages through sound bytes, or even music.

A student I used to teach would see a dog running through the hallway, her clairvoyance, clear vision was off the charts.

And, most of my students had antennae tuned in to clairsentience, or clear feeling. They were feeling other people’s emotions at every turn. A lot of the time, their anxiety wasn’t even theirs but someone else’s that they could feel.

The exact way these magical abilities manifest will be different for every kid. But, let’s consider what this might look like.

Imagine sitting in a classroom with 25 other kids.

If you have claircognizance, you are going to know a lot of things you have no way of explaining. You might know the answer to questions before the teacher even finishes asking.

If you have clairaudience, you might be hearing a voice talking to you, but no one in the classroom is saying these words. This voice is probably talking at the same time as the teacher.

If you have clairvoyance, you might see spirit guides (or guardian angels) of all of your classmates, in addition to everything else that you are seeing around the classroom.

And, if you have clairsentience, you are feeling the emotions and, even, physical sensations of the other students around you and even your teacher.

Just writing about this and imagining it sounds exhausting.

If you are a 6 or 11 or 15-year-old kid and you have all of this input coming in AND you are supposed to be sitting at your desk, quietly paying attention and doing your work, how can you even function?

As an adult with these abilities, I have figured out how to turn mine on and off. But, a child who is unaware their antennae is tuning in will have no idea how or that it is even possible.

I believe that this is why the correlation exists between so many kids receiving a “diagnosis” and so many of these same kids having these extrasensory experiences.

With our kids, we recognize that something is affecting their learning or socialization or ability to function.

We seek out help to see if we can find a reason why this is happening.

Modern education, science and medicine continue to discount any spiritual phenomena as psychosis, on a regular basis.

Rather than seeking to understand why these things are happening, children are given a label, sometimes medication and a list of service providers who may be able to help.

What would happen if we started to look behind the label.

We started to see our kids are having trouble paying attention in class because they do have these super charged antennae, picking up everything around them?

These abilities our kids have become an asset, rather than a liability.

We can then discover new ways to support our kids and their unique, ever changing needs.

If we take a step back, we know that humanity is evolving.

Any evolution, in real time, will look problematic because the individual exhibits a different trait than the rest of the species.

But, when we look back 10,000 years from now, we’ll see that we are teetering on a dramatic change within our human species. We are in a position to see actual evolution happening.

We’ll wonder why we were spending so much time trying to “fix” what is wrong with these kids, rather than celebrating their magical abilities.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be first in line for the celebration.