What is this "New Earth"?

As people, we’re really into measuring time. We’ve got calendars and reminders for our daily lives. And, we looked to historical ages, epochs and eras. All the while, we are looking in the rear view mirror seeking understanding, yet not realizing we’ve reached a new “time.”

Unfortunately, time doesn’t present itself with markers or welcome centers like you encounter with interstate travel. Time sneaks in, on shadows, darting around corners when we aren’t looking. Before we know it, we are standing in the middle of a new time, wondering how we ever reached that place.

Many of us on the spiritual path are mindful of 5D, of ascension and of the way our world is changing. The Ancients have pointed to passages like 2012, as the portal from one time period to the next. Yet, here we stand in the next wondering why it looks the same.

Consider your interstate travel. If you’ve driven between Indiana and Michigan, you know that each place looks as flat and covered in the same trees and corn fields as the other. Other than a change in concrete conditions or road signs, you’d have no idea you’d entered a new place.

This is much the same for the place we’ve entered, as humanity. We are living in 5D. Part of us is aligned with it and functioning in new ways, but the changes are so subtle, we don’t realize we’ve reached a new place.

How do we know that we are experiencing this?

·      Physical changes-you’re gaining or losing weight, craving different foods, drinking more water, shifting sleep patterns, wanting to be more active, losing track of time

·      Emotional changes-you’re more irritable, sensitive, emotional, irrational, you’re finding a need to express your emotions

·      Mental changes-you’re mental clutter is increasing or you’re feeling more mentally clear, you’ve got a lot going on that wants to come out

Know that the incidences of feeling overwhelmed, in any sense, are temporary. It’s like trying to lift too much at the gym on your first day back.

The weights are too heavy at first, but as you keep lifting, you adjust.

Each instance of irritation, pain, fatigue and mental clutter is an opportunity for release. All yourself to surrender to release and to succumb to the method of release your body is asking for.

Sometimes, we get so used to carrying it around, putting down the burden seems impossible or cumbersome. In the old system, it was hard, it was a struggle. Not anymore.

The New Earth is about instant change and instant healing. But, you have to be willing to experience it.

Many of us who are here right now to usher in the Aquarian Age were here, on Earth, as the Piscean Age took hold. We incarnate at important times in the Earth’s history to help bring in change and help others who might be less comfortable with change.

During the Piscean change, pillars of light shone upon the Earth and carried “packets” of information. These were the transition codes to help us evolve from where we were 2,000 years ago to where we are now. 

While you’re sitting there wondering how I can possibly know this, I know it because I experienced it. During a past life regression with an expert on the Essenes, I saw light pouring onto Earth and told her it was the coded information to help humanity evolve. The light found a home in water and affected all bodies of water, including that in the ground. The water held the vibration to facilitate the shift on a planetary level.

This Age of Aquarius is no different. Many of us feel this “leveling” up process and know we are growing and changing. We are all affected in different ways.

The change to the Piscean age was about coming together and melding and molding and uniting. Look at the biggest force of the Piscean Age, Christianity. The core of it is about helping your brother/sister.

While that was beneficial then, we are entering the age of the individual. Aquarius is the water bearer. We’re being asked to carry our own “water,” to individuate ourselves to improve the collective.

This transition is not about fitting everyone into one mold, but seeing the beauty of a billion different molds. We are like a field of wild flowers where each one is beautiful, unique and necessary to the ecosystem.

As we continue to change and evolve, remember that all of us are going at our own pace. All of us are moving in a uniquely perfect way.

If you’re weirded out by what is happening to you or need some support to help you navigate these changes with more grace and ease, don’t hesitate to reach out!

There are entire communities of like-minded people who can share their journey, their tips and their successes.