We Are the Ultimate Creators

We are responsible for it all. All of it. The whole world. The whole Universe.


We are creating it moment to moment.

As empowering as this is, the thought can also leave us terrified.

When we see our spouse leaving us, or our kid hospitalized with an inexplicable illness, or we are abused by something else, we have created the situation.

Yikes, right?

This is in no way shape or form victim blaming.

I’m not telling anyone that they are a crappy person and should be full of shame and remorse.

That’s what victim blaming does, right, create more darkness out of an already dark situation?

I’m bringing a light in here to show it around a little so we can all see what is lurking in the dark.

Over the past couple months, I’ve been working my way through the A Course In Miracles. This is a framework for understanding the world and ourselves like nothing I’ve ever encountered.

The Course doesn’t just suggest to silence the mind and think happy thoughts, it will systematically help us all to unravel our ego.

Big purpose, right?

One of my fave dudes EVER, Jesus (aka Yeshua) narrates the text.

It’s almost as if the Bible isn’t full of his actual teachings and he needed to set the record straight.


Let that shock and horror resonate around a bit while you plunge even deeper into Truth.

The Course says, “You cannot do this as long as you believe that anything happening to you is caused by factors outside yourself.” [This = believing that anything is beyond you.]

Whoa. You might actually need a glass of water to finish this one.

We are all One. We are God. We have never left God.

We live in this illusion that we are separate and finite and limited. But, we’re all playing roles in a grand play so that this being, God, may better know himself/herself.

This is why I say: if my spouse leaves me, I am responsible.

Not because I didn’t fold his laundry perfectly or because I asked him 65,000 times to wash his whiskers off the sink, but because I am creating this illusion.

I am creating this illusion.

Each and every thought I have creates the world around me.

Science has proven this. Check out “The Double Slit Experiment” if you are unsure about this. Every time we observe something, we change the nature of said thing.

We are co-creating our reality through the simple act of observation. We don’t even have to DO anything.

So, I am responsible when my husband leaves because I created that situation. Probably not from anything that I’m conscious of, but from the depths of my subconscious. The far reaches that lie in the darkness and make themselves known, only to send us into despair.

But, we are not victims. If my husband leaves, I can forgive him. I can remember that I am safe. I know that I have everything I need inside of me. I don’t need his presence or his money or his laughter at my inane jokes to prove my worth.

I am whole in and of myself. I am filled with God.

How can I not be full if the essence of the creator resides inside of me?

That’s like saying a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice contains no oranges (I’m not talking Chinese import OJ here fresh off the synthetic assembly line).

We have chosen to take human form so that this being known as God may experience every possibility. Every thought, feeling, act, sensory experience is new and unique.

Because of this, we are always responsible.

If we want to change our lives,  we have to be ready to change our thoughts and uncover our subconscious. In doing so, we can discover our motivations and more effectively create from a conscious space.

Conscious living is not all about recycling and eating non-sprayed produce and decluttering our homes. Being conscious is about decluttering ourselves.

When we start that process, we start to see how powerful we really are. We start to see our creations take shape. We see that we are manifesting our life with each thought we have.

What are you creating in your world, today?