Activating the Next Phase of Our Evolution


Some might call me old school or say I need to change with the times. I’ve just never been able to make the switch from New Kids on the Block to N’Sync or Backstreet Boys. The next phase of boys bands just weren’t up my alley. But, maybe the days of denim jackets and slouch socks ushered in a level coolness that I didn’t think I’d be able to achieve again? It’s hard to say.

In our lives, the ones where we are a human aspect of Spirit, it’s so much the same.

For ages, mystics held the secrets and knowledge. You had to pay for an audience to connect to the gods or God. Now, we have it. We’ve had that ability for a while now. Some of us have realized it sooner than others. (I didn’t tell this to the Jehovah’s Witnesses on my porch this morning.)

We’ve spent a lot of time, as people, with the notion of prepare, prepare, prepare. Purify what you’re eating. Clean up your thoughts. Spend an hour meditating before you try to connect with the Divine.

“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

We’re in a new phase. The next level.

Thankfully, this does not mean Backstreet’s back, alright?

What it does mean, is that we have instant access, anytime to the Divine.

We have to realize that we ARE the Divine. It’s not something we achieve by not eating eggs or refraining from alcohol. (Maybe that does help you, but it’s not a requirement.)

This next phase is all about activating the latent aspects of ourselves. The pieces we carry around with us, but haven’t put into the puzzle yet.

Once we clear out fears and anxieties, we get one step closer to Truth. Truth IS Divine. Truth is our core nature. The Truth will help us activate these knowings we’ve carried since the beginning of time.

The first phase, the New Kids on the Block phase, is all about clearing out. This is not just on the emotional level. Clearing our physical space can make a world of difference, in our energetic space. Get rid of old clothes that don’t fit. Toss the Tupperware that is missing lids.

The N’Sync phase, comes next. This phase is about the Truth. Activating these aspects of Truth within us. We get in-sync with who we really are. The reality of our being.

If we haven’t mastered Super Human powers by that time and left Earth, we’ll be on to the One Direction step. To many of us, One Direction is totally unfamiliar. It’s foreign. What are these little British kids singing about?

One Direction is where we have totally clarity about who we are and how to move forward in this world. It’s where we make manifest Heaven on Earth. The notion of “As Above, So Below,” rings truer and louder than ever before.

Last time, I walked away after New Kids. The change was too much. I didn’t resonate with what came next. This time, I’m all in to head in One Direction.

What about you?