The Dragons Ask: Who Do You Want to Be?


The caw of the crow echoes through the air like the thunder of beating on a base drum in an elevator. They flock and fly. They perch and chatter.

Yet, each time I listen, they stop.

I’m not talking about just listening to their nature sounds.

The crows are messengers from the collective energy known as “The Dragons.”

The Dragons are a group of beings who reside outside the confines of time and space. They don’t even attach themselves to a particular dimension.

Their purpose is to help us, as humans evolve.

In many ways, we are a weak link on a galactic chain. They’re facilitating our growth as individuals, as a species and as a part of the larger galactic community.

So, when the crows cacophony grows too much, I know it is time to stop and get quiet and listen to what The Dragons have to say.

Today’s message is referring to a shift in the “matrix” as they call it. The fabric of space, beyond time.

Although the shift is very subtle, it is extremely important.

The shift means that we are making progress.

In a science-y way, it’s akin to the difference between a triangle and a square. While they are worlds apart, there is still a way to go before a shape takes on more complexity.

We, as humans, are making progress.

The Dragons urge that despite the doom and gloom that our news and media perpetuates and the seeming end of days events that we see happening around us, this is not the case.

In the face of chaos rises a new possibility, a new potential.

We are expanding and our conscious is expanding.

While we know this, and it is not news, many feel as if they have been in a holding pattern of days, weeks, some even months or years.

The energetic frequencies that are filtering to Earth are breaking us free of these chains.

This doesn’t mean mass awakening or planetary ascension into some other realm of existence, though.

Before we can go anywhere, we have to realize the chains are breaking or can be broken.

When we, individually, connect to this deep inner knowing and truth, we open up the possibility for others. Before long, the collective will bask in this energetic framework of having broken out of the chains.

The Dragons insist that we all do our individual part. We do not have to go back to the past to fix things.

Our trials and tribulations can stop right now.

All we have to do is believe that to be true.

By shining light on our perceived Boogie Man, we realize that a Beanie Baby fell over next to our night light.

Today, The Dragons ask us to move radically forward.

The past does not matter.

We are completely able to release old patterns and programs, if we are willing to release the story.

The story may be the hardest part to let go of, because without it, who are we?

But, just as much as our stories define us, they also limit us.

We have potential right now, to ask not who we are, but who we want to be.

What would you say?