Shhhh...Are You Quiet Enough to Hear the Universe Speaking to You?




Can you hear it?

I can, sometimes.

Our soul will speak to us, guide us, teach us when slow down.

Too often we get stuck in patterns of being “busy.”

When we really stop to look at what’s happening, it’s laughable.

Most of the time we are creating the busy-ness.

I’ve realized how busy I used to (and sometimes do) make myself to avoid other things.

When we get quiet, we hear things.

Our thoughts.

The birds.

Our tummy rumbling.

But, we aren’t used to these sounds.

They aren’t in our daily language, so they seem almost alien.

When we are busy, we miss them.

We don't hear the instructions.

If we don’t make time, we lose out on the joy.

Those times we stop and breathe, those make space.

When we have room around us, we can hear and see and touch and taste the Divine.

We are the Divine, so how could it be any other way.

It’s not something we have to seek.

All we have to do is get quiet and listen.

The answers to our prayers reside in this space.

Our soul will whisper to us the answer to our “dilemma.”

The trick is so simple, yet so often avoided.




Only then will these gentle platitudes make themselves known.