Remembering Who We Are

The brutal truth is that we are scared.

We have all these desires, wishes, goals and dreams that we keep inside, locked away.

We believe that maybe they won’t come true.

Perhaps we don’t deserve what we want, and that’s why we don’t already have it.

That little voice inside our head tells us that because we’ve done X, we’ll never get Y.


The sensation is so constricting.

Starting in our guts and winding its way up our torsos, until it is firmly wrapped around our necks, Fear suffocates us like a python.

We carry out our day-to-day lives in this vice grip, choking away the hopes we’ve so carefully stashed.

It’s no wonder that our lives are full of blocked arteries, traffic congestion, chronic health conditions.

We are creating these outer manifestations of our inner world with each thought and with each strangled breath we take.

We limit ourselves.

No one else. Not society, not establishment, nor our parents, government, spouse or children. They merely offer an external location where we can place our blame.

It’s easier to say that they are the python, coiling around us, than to realize and take ownership for this constriction we have brought on ourselves.

Until today.

Today is different.

Each time we have a realization and come to a new understanding of ourselves, we begin to expand, lessening the death grip that Fear has upon us.

We can stand taller and stronger than before.

We know that we are the creators. If we have done this to ourselves, we can just as easily free ourselves from this choke hold.

We only have to remember.

If we don’t remember that we are the creators, then our lives remain beholden to all those outside of us.

We can choose to buy into their stories about us and accept what appears to be the truth, but we know deep inside is nothing more than a smokescreen.

In fact, all those outside of us are smokescreens that we have created. We can abdicate responsibility if we hawk it on to someone or something else.

Not today, though, because today we remember that we are responsible.

We don’t get lost in the Swamp of Sorrows and feel bad for all that we created. Just the same as how we never felt bad for the drawings we made of our families when we were tiny, the ones where every person is a blob with tiny stick legs.

No one feels bad about those. We realized that we could only draw that way, it was where we were.

The same stands true today. We don’t need to feel bad about forgetting our inner strength. We didn’t know any better.

But, the second we do know better we must take action.

We can cultivate this awareness throughout our day. Each time we see a limitation, we can remember that it is not truly there. We created the limit outside of ourselves to allow for deeper remembrance of our true power.

As we see and mark each fallacy as an illusion, the death grip of Fear begins to subside.

Before long, we know that what we see around us is a reflection of what is inside. Fear no longer runs our lives. The external has no effect on our internal peace.

We know, without a doubt, that we are capable of anything. We create our ultimate reality around us.

When we reflect at where we’ve come from, we notice our old traveling companions, Fear is no longer there. Our gaze rests upon the python, lying dead on the ground 10 steps behind.