PLEASE PLEASE Get Your Hands Dirty

Let’s end the masquerade, take off our masks and be real. Even if it’s only for the time we’re together here.

As an intuitive practitioner, I help clients to become the best versions of themselves. We work together through mentoring or healing sessions. The circle of people around me who do the same type of work is immense, each with a different modality and perspective. The possibilities for how we can all approach “becoming the best version of ourselves” is endless.

But, what I am seeing is disturbing. I’m talking this “dark” side of spirituality. Not the gurus abusing their sycophants, people are speaking up about that. What I’m talking about, no one is speaking up about.

I’m talking about the manipulation, the deceit and the smoke and mirrors that other practitioners are employing in their work.

And, I don’t mean Madam Rosemarie who is charging $2,000 here, $750 there, and another $1200 in a week again to remove a curse or to clear your juju.

The predatory behavior I’m talking about that is rife in New Age Spirituality is even more insidious.

What I’m talking about here is the practitioner who is out of alignment, who is teaching one thing, but doing another, once the cameras are off.

As a spiritual practitioner, I believe that my greatest source of knowledge and wisdom is my intuition. Nothing I seek outside of myself will be as rich or fulfilling as what I can seek within.

There are many who feel they aren’t able to access their own intuition and turn to people who can, like me and myriads of others. I wouldn’t have a business without clients in this boat.

Because others come to me for intuitive insight, support and guidance, I strive to be the best version of myself that I can be.

This means I address any emotional blips on my radar, I seek out healthy relationships, I maintain a strong and clear state of mind.

How can I help others if I am not doing these things myself? It would be a bit like being 100 pounds overweight and running a personal training business.

Unfortunately, I’m seeing more and more practitioners who are spiritually overweight. By this, I mean, they aren’t tending to themselves.

They aren’t exploring their shadow elements. They aren’t mentally healthy; they don’t engage in their own spiritual practices, yet encourage others to do so.

I have witnessed practitioners show up hung over for a day of tarot reading; hands on healers who can’t work unless they’ve hit their bong before they start; and spiritual mentors who are saying the same exact thing to many of their clients.

This is NOT to say that we have to achieve some level of perfection before we can help others. That is simply not the case.

What I am saying is that how can we call ourselves healers, intuitives, practitioners when we aren’t willing to do our own work?

When we aren’t willing to dig into the root of our addictions and address those issues; when we seek codependent relationships and drama in our own lives, how can we truly be of service to others?

If you are a practitioner, let’s be real, are you doing the work? Are you setting healthy boundaries or simply getting by with telling your clients they need to?

If you are a client (which, I think we ALL are at one time or another), who will you work with? Are you going to find the practitioner who has the lowest rate? The one with the best smoke and mirrors?

This is when your own intuition plays a part. Who do you believe is MOST in alignment with your journey?

The things I’m mentioning here are hard to know. We don’t know what is happening in someone else’s home, in their personal lives. All we have to go off of are curated social media images and word of mouth.

But, we if we start getting real about our sessions that are less than satisfactory? Instead of not speaking up and not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings, we have to start making our voices heard if we want this to stop.

I am sick to death of hearing about practitioners who make their clients feel guilty for not consulting them on big decisions.

I cannot keep my mouth shut any longer about the practitioners who I know are showing up to their regular Facebook Live readings high as a kite.

And, I will not give credit to fellow practitioners who are routinely 15-20 minutes late for their sessions, and have to be reminded by the client that there is a session.

This is not good enough. As practitioners, we wonder why we aren’t taken seriously, as an industry. We think about how crazy it is that some believe we are charlatans. We detest the notion that anyone would believe we are fake.

But we are.

There are enough people acting with a lack of integrity that we all suffer.

I am beyond ready to create a shift in the matrix. I am ready to be the best version of myself, consistently. I vow to show up having faced my shadows. I promise to be free of mind-altering substances during my sessions. I guarantee that you will get the clearest channel I can provide every time I show up with you.

Who else is willing to do the same?