Owning Our Magic

Are you owning your magic?

It’s time.

There is no more room to play small. To be limited.

Whether you want to call it the Patriarchy or chemtrails or mass conditioning, we’ve been made to believe that we are individual, disconnected beings.


Nothing could be further from the Truth.

We are innately connected, Divine beings.

We just don’t realize it.

Yet, we sit here with our mini bags of Fritos and Coke Zero watching The Real Housewives believing there is nothing for us to do.

The time has come to put down the chips and Coke and wake up to our True nature.

We have to own our birthright.

We came to Earth and incarnated to realize our potential. Not our potential for the most raises in a year or the Parent of the Year award.

Forget those.

Those are cheap in comparison to the awesomeness we could have just by grabbing it.

I’m talking about the potential to realize we are unlimited creators. We are bigger than the 3D forms that we see and identify as our bodies.

We expand beyond space and time, into every. single. realm. of. existence.


This could feel like a massive weight.  A burden. One more thing to live up to.

But, it’s not.

Owning this knowing and making it real in our daily lives creates Freedom. Total and absolute freedom.

You’re still going to have to pay your mortgage and your student loans, so I’m not sure trying to convince those agencies of your Freedom is the best idea.

As we’re able to come to terms with this, we can start to see what it looks like in our daily life.

We get to witness the flow and ease and abundance and joy.

Who doesn’t want more of that?

All we have to do is start to remember.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to help me remember:



Currently, I’m using Ho’Oponopono with my mala beads and repeating all 4 phrases 108 times. Sometimes, I set my focus on one particular person or situation. More often, I just let it flow. I start with someone or something in mind and then allow whatever comes up to come up. Today, a skin blemish came to my attention. I apologized, asked for forgiveness, thanked it and gave it my love.

I’m also following up with a killer guided meditation that opens me up to receive from Source/God/Divine.


The meditation comes first because it gets me in “The Zone.” As an athlete, I thought I knew The Zone. The Spiritual Zone eclipses what I thought I knew of intensity and focus.

My journaling is a series of affirmation statements.

I AM power.

I AM unlimited.

I AM aligned with the deepest Truth of who I am.

I AM abundant.

I AM an open channel for the Divine.

You get the idea.

Release attachment

Sometimes I forget that I’m awesome. Fear, doubt and guilt creep in.

I acknowledge them. Then, I refocus on how expansive I am. How far and wide my energy reaches. How unlimited I feel.

Those little deviants creep back into their holes and stay there…until an hour or so later. And I start the process again.

This is a process. A constant practice.

Over and over and over. A willingness to look Fear in the face and throat punch it back to oblivion.

I am constantly releasing these attachments to my limited, small, safe, comfortable self.

Who am I kidding? I was made to be a boat tipper. I’ve always done it. I’m a genius at finding the “line” in situations, stretching my toe across it and then coming back. I’m always testing the waters. I have to know where my freedom lies.

This line has been my guide for decades. Literally. I wouldn’t upset the balance in relationships or jobs or family situations. Until I had to.

But, by then, I had shrunk myself to something so small and safe and careful, I was nearly unrecognizable. I’d burst free.

Only to do the same thing again. To limit myself again. To play small so others felt safe.

But, other’s safety isn’t my problem. I’m not pushing people in the street in front of cars or anything.

If I make someone feel uncomfortable, that is their issue. They have something to face within. I count myself grateful that I’ve brought it to the surface for them to see.

I don’t even feel bad about it. There is nothing to feel bad about.

If we aren't owning our innate awesomeness, what the heck are we doing?

Identifying with our limits doesn’t serve anyone. Keeping quiet for fear of shocking or surprising or unsettling someone else is actually a disservice to ourselves.

We came here with a purpose. How many more lifetimes are we going to incarnate before we realize it?