The Not My Problem Philosophy

That’s it.


We aren’t meant for lives of mediocrity.

Somewhere along the way, we’ve been told that it’s vain, exorbitant, over-the-top or foolish to live our absolute dream life.

No one gets to move to Bora Bora and just live in those little huts that sit over the sea, drinking fresh coconut water and dining on the catch-of-the-day every day.

But, why not?
Because we need money to do that, which means we have to slog away at a 9-to-5 and maybe sell some essential oils, cookware or skincare products on the side.

Great, that’ll pay the mortgage, car payment, groceries and an extra trip to Florida to see Grandma this year.

But, what about our dream lives. The ones we’ve been told aren’t the responsible way to live?

What if, they actually are?

Imagine a world where everyone had a profession and romantic relationship that we fulfilling?

Each day, we got up, lovingly greeted our family and looked forward to pulling out of the driveway. Not because we couldn’t wait to get away from the other people in the household, but because our work, our purpose generated SO much excitement.

Conversely, our purpose might see us working from home, where we can’t wait to dig into our mission for the day.

Think of how much less stress we would feel, to have this ideal life.

The secret is, we can.

We can absolutely have it.

The first step is BELIEVING it’s possible. Because until we do, it’s not.

And, it’s possible without dropping your known life and world like a hot potato and moving to Bora Bora alone.

For years now, I’ve been immersed in tons of tools to facilitate my spiritual growth. (What that really means is, I’ve done a lot of personal work to be the best version of myself.)

Within the past few years, I’ve quit my 9-5 started a business, moved countries and met my dream partner.

While I’m sharing the magic words to make that happen, it’s more than just a few words. It’s a paradigm shift.

The three simple words I've been using are: Not. My. Problem.

This is not intended to be used in a hateful way when we bump into someone at the store in place of “excuse me.”

These three magic words are a tool to help create a mindset change.

Everything from worrying about what everyone else thinks to carrying burdens that are not ours will transform.

For example, your kid/partner/husband/wife is upset because she is out of shirts to wear for the week.

Your job is laundry, so it seems like this could, actually, be your problem. Until you remember that said shirts were NOT in the laundry basket for you to even wash.

So, there is no need to stop what you are doing, feel bad about the shirts and endeavor to do another load of laundry.

The Not My Problem philosophy is about realizing that life goes on. The dirty clothes vigilante can figure it out on their own and you can keep watching Netflix.

You don’t even have to move to Bora Bora to avoid the laundry battle, that’s the best part.