If We Choose Just One Spiritual Practice...


Our spiritual paths probably look extremely similar. We’re sometimes walking this amazingly gorgeous path, other times we are slogging through a den of misery hoping to find bag of potato chips or piece of raw chocolate along the way.

Just like me, I’m 100% certain you’ve tried a bajillion different meditation techniques and signed up for countless “challenges” to get tools to help you. Whether you want help with losing weight, changing your mindset or manifesting, it doesn’t matter. We’re all seeking the same thing. Ourselves.

The greatest tool I’ve found to be more me, the joyful, innocent, light-filled being that I inherently am is heart coherence.

The Heart Math Institute is a wealth of amazing, science-based resources that don’t always lend to being spiritual tools. But, this is a gem.

Heart Coherence is a simple practice that has revolutionized my life and that of my family. We spend 5 minutes thinking about all the things we are grateful for, that we feel compassion toward and that we care about.

Not only do we think about these things, we envision them and allow ourselves to feel the gratitude, compassion and care in our bodies.

This leaves us feeling totally amazing, we’re also clearing out emotions like annoyance, anger and confusion that we are feeling.

This is not meant to be a spiritual bypass. Not at all.

But, we can’t cope with emotions when we are stuck in them.

We can shift our emotional state to that of gratitude and go back to our feelings and work out what’s what.

Off and on, my own spiritual practices include things like meditation, mantra, yoga and some other tools I’ve picked up along the way.

The one I keep coming back to again and again, even within my day is Heart Coherence. I can do it when I find myself impatient in the check-out line at the store, rather than reading about how Prince Harry is actually an alien.

Heart Coherence comes in handy at the start of my day, before I even get out of bed to get myself started on the right foot.

The thing I love about it is this: even if I’m not feeling like meditating or clearing my mind seems impossible, I can use this practice to help me re-center.

I don’t have to clear my mind. And, I’m definitely not meditating. In a world where we make constant mental lists, this is ideal.

No matter if we are in the den of misery or on the most beautiful waterfall pathway, we can all make use of Heart Coherence to be more fully ourselves. When I think about choosing what I want in my life and for the new year,  I choose heart coherence as my tool. If had to to pick just one, this would be it.