Choose Your Own Quantum Adventure


The key grazes across the lock as you fumble to find the sweet spot. As it clicks into place, you throw the door open, rushing to your bedroom. You’re late, but as soon as you change, you calculate, you’ll only be 22 minutes behind. The black pants are all you need to finish off your ensemble. Wait, they were just here this morning. How is this possible? They just disappeared from your closet?


If you decide tear apart your closet, intent on finding your black pants, even if it makes  you 45 minutes late

Turn to page 8

           If you grab the grey pants that, basically, match and run out the door

                                    Turn to page 11

While our life is constantly full of choices, they aren’t usually presented in the classic “Choose Your Own Adventure,” book style. We choose and then we keep going, or do we?

Quantum physics theorizes that there are multiple planes of reality, timelines, dimensions. We exist, simultaneously in all of them. Sure, we might be dead in some, like Schrodinger’s poor cat. But, we are just as alive, in others, as the “you” reading this right now.

What seems less easy to comprehend, are the ripple effects of this possibility.

The double slit experiment tells us that the simple act of observation can create change. If we are able to observe ourselves and disconnect from “the matrix” for a second, maybe we can see ourselves as the particle and the wave. We are alive and dead. We are here and there.

Some science-y, New Age-y people will tell you that we can “jump” timelines and go from here to there, simply by intention. Decide the feeling you want to have, align yourself with that feeling by feeling it and BAM! You’re there. You’ve chosen a new adventure. Did you turn to page 11?

Consider the entire idea of déjà vu, that feeling that you’ve been there before, or done it before. If you’ve jumped timelines, you might be a little off with the exact timing of “the jump.” Perhaps, every instance of déjà vu actually marks jumping points?

What if our life isn’t really about how awesome we are, how much we are able to accomplish in this one lifetime, for the betterment of our greater “soul.” What is this lifetime is about uniting all aspects of ourselves?

We, like liquid mercury, seek to become more whole and gradually drift back to this wholeness by constantly moving between timelines. Maybe, we even collapse a timeline when we’ve met an objective. Think about how many times you had to go back in “Choose Your Own Adventure” because you met your demise.

In this form we have, we simply transition to another timeline and continue on our way, never ceasing to exist. When we complete what we have to do in this “form,” we are able to move into a new timeline and do it in another reality or “form.” (Think of “form” as a physical body.)

After all, we are theorized to all be part of a greater collective consciousness. We are all parts of one “god” or a larger whole. Like dominoes, we’re able to finish  the task in one timeline and move to another, always moving toward completion. Up close, it looks like a bunch of small dominoes tipping over, one at a time. But, when you zoom out, you suddenly see the masterpiece that all the dominoes have created.

While this is all very existential and full of big ideas and melding science with philosophy, it also makes a lot of sense. The entirety of what we know is a holographic image of itself. We are all small pieces of a bigger whole. Why would there be only one version of us that exists? That seems a little limiting for an infinite Universe, doesn’t it?

Big ideas have to come from somewhere, right? Whether you consider this information to be genius or madness, consider this: the next time you experience déjà vu, take a look around. Does anything else look different?

Are all the books called “Berenstain Bears,” rather than “Berenstein Bears”?

                        If the books are “Berenstain,” turn to page 48

                       If the books are “Berenstein,” turn to page 59