Be As Threatening As Possible

Be as threatening as possible.

I mean it.

Each time we are, we raise the bar.

I’m not talking up in someone’s face with a shard of glass from the bottle you just broke, threatening.

Nor would I ever suggest you actually make threats of harm toward another living being. That’s not cool.

What I’m saying here is threaten others with your light. Be so brilliant that you send them heading for the hills. Or at least their phones to post on social media or message their BFF about how horrible of a person you are.

Then, you’ll know you’ve hit a nerve.

Each time we shine our light as brightly as possible, some are bound to shrink away, back to the shadows. Others will turn up their light to match ours because they finally feel like they can.

Then, there are some who will decide we are terrible. We bad people. They won’t really have a reason why, we just are. Probably things like “how controlling we are”, “how dare we…”, will slide out of their thumbs covering their keyboards with the ink of their own shadow.

Yet, we’ll know that notion of control they speak of doesn’t even exist. We don’t want control of other people.

While we may want to help them liberate themselves from their self-imposed prison of misery and fear, we don’t want to make them automatons in exchange for this freedom. Those shouting about our controlling natures are merely seeing their own subconscious and projecting it on to us.

They are the ones wanting to control others, to keep everyone around them small. It’s safer that way, you know. No one can feel bad about themselves if everyone is equally small. No one looks bad if everyone looks bad, it’s status quo.

Let’s take a look at those “how dare she’s” for a moment. Those are my personal favorite. I mean, who am I to stand up for the truth, sometimes at detriment to the establishment (whichever establishment it may be).

The notion that is possible to look at a societal norm and say “nah, that’s not for me” is unthinkable.

We enter into this space where we are unfuckable. We don’t care what other people think or say.

Entry to the club may not come with a velvet rope outside, but once we’re in there, we are in. There is no going back. The way out is bricked over.

But, who would want to go back?

Shrinking back down to make others feel comfortable or to meet the status quo is not an option.

We are extraordinary. That is our destiny.

We can hum and haw and pretend like we don’t know. But, we do.

The deepest whispers of our soul know.

Our souls are calling for us to become more unlimited more E X P A N S I V E.

To live the ultimate life, outside the bounds of “normal” is our birthright.

Those people around us might be scared by us. But, we could also ignite a revolution in them to put them more in touch with the inner reaches of themselves.

Or, they’ll just stay on the other side of the bricks, hurling insults at those of us on the inside. We won’t even care if they do, though, because we’ll be so level on the inside that nothing will stick.

Today, tomorrow and the next day, I’m making a vow to be as threatening as possible. I’ll continue to shake the foundations, to make waves and to push the limit. Because every limit is an opportunity for a new boundary, how can there be any other way?