Owning iT

Remembering Who We Are

The brutal truth is that we are scared.

We have all these desires, wishes, goals and dreams that we keep inside, locked away.

We believe that maybe they won’t come true.

Perhaps we don’t deserve what we want, and that’s why we don’t already have it.

That little voice inside our head tells us that because we’ve done X, we’ll never get Y.


The sensation is so constricting.

Starting in our guts and winding its way up our torsos, until it is firmly wrapped around our necks, Fear suffocates us like a python.

We carry out our day-to-day lives in this vice grip, choking away the hopes we’ve so carefully stashed.

It’s no wonder that our lives are full of blocked arteries, traffic congestion, chronic health conditions.

We are creating these outer manifestations of our inner world with each thought and with each strangled breath we take.

We limit ourselves.

No one else. Not society, not establishment, nor our parents, government, spouse or children. They merely offer an external location where we can place our blame.

It’s easier to say that they are the python, coiling around us, than to realize and take ownership for this constriction we have brought on ourselves.

Until today.

Today is different.

Each time we have a realization and come to a new understanding of ourselves, we begin to expand, lessening the death grip that Fear has upon us.

We can stand taller and stronger than before.

We know that we are the creators. If we have done this to ourselves, we can just as easily free ourselves from this choke hold.

We only have to remember.

If we don’t remember that we are the creators, then our lives remain beholden to all those outside of us.

We can choose to buy into their stories about us and accept what appears to be the truth, but we know deep inside is nothing more than a smokescreen.

In fact, all those outside of us are smokescreens that we have created. We can abdicate responsibility if we hawk it on to someone or something else.

Not today, though, because today we remember that we are responsible.

We don’t get lost in the Swamp of Sorrows and feel bad for all that we created. Just the same as how we never felt bad for the drawings we made of our families when we were tiny, the ones where every person is a blob with tiny stick legs.

No one feels bad about those. We realized that we could only draw that way, it was where we were.

The same stands true today. We don’t need to feel bad about forgetting our inner strength. We didn’t know any better.

But, the second we do know better we must take action.

We can cultivate this awareness throughout our day. Each time we see a limitation, we can remember that it is not truly there. We created the limit outside of ourselves to allow for deeper remembrance of our true power.

As we see and mark each fallacy as an illusion, the death grip of Fear begins to subside.

Before long, we know that what we see around us is a reflection of what is inside. Fear no longer runs our lives. The external has no effect on our internal peace.

We know, without a doubt, that we are capable of anything. We create our ultimate reality around us.

When we reflect at where we’ve come from, we notice our old traveling companions, Fear is no longer there. Our gaze rests upon the python, lying dead on the ground 10 steps behind.


Be As Threatening As Possible

Be as threatening as possible.

I mean it.

Each time we are, we raise the bar.

I’m not talking up in someone’s face with a shard of glass from the bottle you just broke, threatening.

Nor would I ever suggest you actually make threats of harm toward another living being. That’s not cool.

What I’m saying here is threaten others with your light. Be so brilliant that you send them heading for the hills. Or at least their phones to post on social media or message their BFF about how horrible of a person you are.

Then, you’ll know you’ve hit a nerve.

Each time we shine our light as brightly as possible, some are bound to shrink away, back to the shadows. Others will turn up their light to match ours because they finally feel like they can.

Then, there are some who will decide we are terrible. We bad people. They won’t really have a reason why, we just are. Probably things like “how controlling we are”, “how dare we…”, will slide out of their thumbs covering their keyboards with the ink of their own shadow.

Yet, we’ll know that notion of control they speak of doesn’t even exist. We don’t want control of other people.

While we may want to help them liberate themselves from their self-imposed prison of misery and fear, we don’t want to make them automatons in exchange for this freedom. Those shouting about our controlling natures are merely seeing their own subconscious and projecting it on to us.

They are the ones wanting to control others, to keep everyone around them small. It’s safer that way, you know. No one can feel bad about themselves if everyone is equally small. No one looks bad if everyone looks bad, it’s status quo.

Let’s take a look at those “how dare she’s” for a moment. Those are my personal favorite. I mean, who am I to stand up for the truth, sometimes at detriment to the establishment (whichever establishment it may be).

The notion that is possible to look at a societal norm and say “nah, that’s not for me” is unthinkable.

We enter into this space where we are unfuckable. We don’t care what other people think or say.

Entry to the club may not come with a velvet rope outside, but once we’re in there, we are in. There is no going back. The way out is bricked over.

But, who would want to go back?

Shrinking back down to make others feel comfortable or to meet the status quo is not an option.

We are extraordinary. That is our destiny.

We can hum and haw and pretend like we don’t know. But, we do.

The deepest whispers of our soul know.

Our souls are calling for us to become more unlimited more E X P A N S I V E.

To live the ultimate life, outside the bounds of “normal” is our birthright.

Those people around us might be scared by us. But, we could also ignite a revolution in them to put them more in touch with the inner reaches of themselves.

Or, they’ll just stay on the other side of the bricks, hurling insults at those of us on the inside. We won’t even care if they do, though, because we’ll be so level on the inside that nothing will stick.

Today, tomorrow and the next day, I’m making a vow to be as threatening as possible. I’ll continue to shake the foundations, to make waves and to push the limit. Because every limit is an opportunity for a new boundary, how can there be any other way?







Goodbye Crow, Hello Possibility

The banshee screeches, begging for my attention. I deign to give it, but it has become impossible not to.

Each morning, like clockwork, the lone crow appears, shrieking. I’m convinced it is the same bird, every single morning between 7:15 and 7:30, rousing me from my peaceful slumber.

Crow doesn’t even have the decency to sit atop the lone tree gracing our suburban plot. Instead, he claims his throne on the tallest tree in the neighbor’s yard, the one with gnarled branches and limbs, twisting its way above the others in the perfect ode to the withered crone.

For weeks upon weeks, I envision the bird’s death. I see myself grabbing it by the rump and the head and wrenching its head off. Wholly uncharacteristic of me, I am horrified by my own thoughts of ending the life of another living creature.

I am able to maintain my sanity until the moment when an idea arises.

Animals are able to receive telepathic communication. Rather than plotting and planning its death, why don’t I try to communicate with Crow in a different way?


I haven’t done it before, but I may as well start here. We always find a new way because we have to.

As I lay in my cozy bed, raging against the rude wake up call, I send a picture to Crow. From my mind to his. A picture of him taking flight and flying away.

I continue sending this and pull myself out of my slumber, only to realize Crow is gone. He’s not just quiet, he’s flown away.

Maybe a fluke, maybe not. I try this again over days and days and days. Each time, it works. Each time I send Crow the picture from my mind’s eye, he receives it and is gone.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

The magic here is not something I fell into through elaborate ritual or a guidebook. The method simply popped into my head and I ran with it, unattached to the outcome.

I think about how easy all aspects of my life could be if I did what popped into my head, unattached to the outcome. I often lose sight of the adventure and the benefit of trial and error. I become stuck in the “should” and the “this has to work.”

Rather than looking at the opportunity to try something new, I was finding myself mired in the old.

This extended to my business, my relationships, my entire life.

But, we’ve moved into the beginning of the zodiac calendar, with Aries, the initiator. I am taking this ram for a spin.

Each time a new possibility pops into my head, I explore it. I let it percolate, if I’m having a genius moment, I write it down.

The beauty is that whenever I do this, another idea pops in. Then another and another and another. I am in the flow. Before I know it, there are new opportunities at every turn.

Stagnancy’s rule had ended.

I let something new into my awareness and played with it. I discovered it works. Now, I am ready to take flight, open to any possibility, maybe in soaring along with Crow.

Owning Our Magic

Are you owning your magic?

It’s time.

There is no more room to play small. To be limited.

Whether you want to call it the Patriarchy or chemtrails or mass conditioning, we’ve been made to believe that we are individual, disconnected beings.


Nothing could be further from the Truth.

We are innately connected, Divine beings.

We just don’t realize it.

Yet, we sit here with our mini bags of Fritos and Coke Zero watching The Real Housewives believing there is nothing for us to do.

The time has come to put down the chips and Coke and wake up to our True nature.

We have to own our birthright.

We came to Earth and incarnated to realize our potential. Not our potential for the most raises in a year or the Parent of the Year award.

Forget those.

Those are cheap in comparison to the awesomeness we could have just by grabbing it.

I’m talking about the potential to realize we are unlimited creators. We are bigger than the 3D forms that we see and identify as our bodies.

We expand beyond space and time, into every. single. realm. of. existence.


This could feel like a massive weight.  A burden. One more thing to live up to.

But, it’s not.

Owning this knowing and making it real in our daily lives creates Freedom. Total and absolute freedom.

You’re still going to have to pay your mortgage and your student loans, so I’m not sure trying to convince those agencies of your Freedom is the best idea.

As we’re able to come to terms with this, we can start to see what it looks like in our daily life.

We get to witness the flow and ease and abundance and joy.

Who doesn’t want more of that?

All we have to do is start to remember.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to help me remember:



Currently, I’m using Ho’Oponopono with my mala beads and repeating all 4 phrases 108 times. Sometimes, I set my focus on one particular person or situation. More often, I just let it flow. I start with someone or something in mind and then allow whatever comes up to come up. Today, a skin blemish came to my attention. I apologized, asked for forgiveness, thanked it and gave it my love.

I’m also following up with a killer guided meditation that opens me up to receive from Source/God/Divine.


The meditation comes first because it gets me in “The Zone.” As an athlete, I thought I knew The Zone. The Spiritual Zone eclipses what I thought I knew of intensity and focus.

My journaling is a series of affirmation statements.

I AM power.

I AM unlimited.

I AM aligned with the deepest Truth of who I am.

I AM abundant.

I AM an open channel for the Divine.

You get the idea.

Release attachment

Sometimes I forget that I’m awesome. Fear, doubt and guilt creep in.

I acknowledge them. Then, I refocus on how expansive I am. How far and wide my energy reaches. How unlimited I feel.

Those little deviants creep back into their holes and stay there…until an hour or so later. And I start the process again.

This is a process. A constant practice.

Over and over and over. A willingness to look Fear in the face and throat punch it back to oblivion.

I am constantly releasing these attachments to my limited, small, safe, comfortable self.

Who am I kidding? I was made to be a boat tipper. I’ve always done it. I’m a genius at finding the “line” in situations, stretching my toe across it and then coming back. I’m always testing the waters. I have to know where my freedom lies.

This line has been my guide for decades. Literally. I wouldn’t upset the balance in relationships or jobs or family situations. Until I had to.

But, by then, I had shrunk myself to something so small and safe and careful, I was nearly unrecognizable. I’d burst free.

Only to do the same thing again. To limit myself again. To play small so others felt safe.

But, other’s safety isn’t my problem. I’m not pushing people in the street in front of cars or anything.

If I make someone feel uncomfortable, that is their issue. They have something to face within. I count myself grateful that I’ve brought it to the surface for them to see.

I don’t even feel bad about it. There is nothing to feel bad about.

If we aren't owning our innate awesomeness, what the heck are we doing?

Identifying with our limits doesn’t serve anyone. Keeping quiet for fear of shocking or surprising or unsettling someone else is actually a disservice to ourselves.

We came here with a purpose. How many more lifetimes are we going to incarnate before we realize it?