7 Signs You're Dealing with Dragons

Thankfully you don’t have to live in Westeros or Middle Earth to work with The Dragons. As spiritual masters and guardians of primordial energies, The Dragons are energetic beings who are assisting us in our personal transformation and that of Earth. Sometimes they even take the form of actual dragons to provide us with an archetype we understand.

Have an inkling that they may be around, but you’re just not sure? Check out this (non-inclusive) list for some signs that they’ve got your back.

1.     Most obviously, you’re obsessed with dragons. You’ve got figurines, t-shirts, posters, lock screens and tattoos of dragons. The usual imagery of fire breathing, winged beasts is their most common form to let us know when they are around. If you still aren’t sure, look at your “watched list” on Netflix. No doubt, you’ve watched every movie where dragons make an appearance. It’s cool, I won’t tell anyone that “How to Train Your Dragon” is your most viewed selection.

2.     You work with Ascended Masters (or archetypes) like Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Isis, St Germain, St Francis and Buddha. While not every being we consider an “ascended master” is a part of the dragons, there are many who are. Chances are if you work with a variety of them on a regular basis, they are a part of The Dragons. Whether you keep their oracle card on your altar, you wear jewelry with their likeness or you simply ask for their help from time-to-time, they hear you. These teachers remain guardians of the Earth and her people since their departure from this space. They are just as invested in our transformation as they were when they were living.

3.     Manifesting is your second nature. You think: “I’d love a chicken sandwich for lunch.” Within minutes, your co-worker arrives with her daily deli creation and a chicken sandwich for you. You hadn’t even considered asking her on her way out the door. Dragon energy helps us with that age old notion, “As Above, So Below.” They help us bring magic from the ethers onto Earth, in physical form. If you’ve been having cool stuff come your way on accident, now is the time to pack a bigger punch and tick some boxes on your “Cool Stuff” list. That promotion or new house are not outside your reach when the Dragons have your back.

4.     You’re 99% convinced your watch is broken and you don’t know how it’s possibly the 20th of the month already (did you pay your water bill?). Time seems to stretch and release leaving you in constant panic on Saturday because your alarm hasn’t gone off and you swear it’s Thursday. As primordial masters of time and space, the Dragons are around you when time has gone wonky. Most of the time (pun intended), they’re helping you achieve more in a short span or creating a collapse to bring an event about more quickly.

5.     The recent subscription to Gaia and binge-watching Ancient Aliens is not enough for you. You want to consume more, read more, watch more, listen to more podcasts related to other-planetary beings. Your urge to connect has driven you into plowing through declassified government documents (and maybe a tin foil hat) in your quest for Truth. The Truth that there are other beings out there. You know there are. This determination is fueled by your Dragon connection. They are beings from other planetary systems and are likely connecting to you in your sleep and meditative practices, leading you on a quest to prove to yourself that you aren’t crazy.

6.     The tattoo board you’ve created on Pinterest is full of sacred geometric patterns. Little did you know there were so many versions of the Sri Yantra or Flower of Life. You’ve even taken to using the patterns as household decorations and have sent your mom on a goose-chase through your childhood home for your Spirograph. Dragon knowledge and wisdom can be too big for words. When this happens, they use symbols and images. Ever wondered why unrelated cultures all an undercurrent of “sacred” images? The Dragons are big on helping us Earthlings evolve and have been around since before time began helping her transformation.

7.     Weird shapes and glyphs follow you from movies like Transformers and Suicide Squad into your dreams and back into your waking reality. They don’t look like any language that Google has helped you view. Nor do they make sense. You’ve probably even caught yourself doodling them, unsure of how the image even came out of the pen. Like the sacred geometry, Dragon’s use these symbols and images to impart concepts. The actual use of letters and words in human communication is fairly new. These images allow us to connect to their energy in a way that is beyond (and probably before) words. Start keeping track of the ones you’re seeing in your dreams. You don’t have an art degree to sketch them out.

And, the cool part is, this list is not exhaustive. If you feel like you’re connecting to dragon energy in some other way, you probably are. They’re very direct in communication and don’t pull punches about who they are or when they are around. Even if you haven’t been doing any kind of spiritual work with them, it’s cool to know they are around, guarding the proverbial treasure.