4 Things that Happened After I Met My Twin Flame (...or Nothing)

#1 : Nothing

Absolutely nothing happened. In fact, I realized that the person who I thought was my twin flame wasn’t. He was another person in my life who was a mirror for how poor my own personal boundaries were.

He didn’t take me to higher levels of consciousness or enlightenment. We didn’t meet to create some cosmic partnering to end the Universe, as we know it. The illusion of the “runner” and the “chaser” that has become all too common in Twin Flame Lore was simply a story.

The story of why he wasn’t ready and an excuse to justify my pursuit and interest. Surely, he would come around, Twin Flames do and end up in romantic partnership, right?

No, not right. They don’t even exist! They are a construct that we, in our humanness, have created to feed the lack of completion we feel.

And, we can say that we feel totally complete and whole, but if we did, I’m not even sure we would incarnate on Earth anymore. We would remember that we are God and this illusion would have ended.

The sooner we can stop buying into the story of a Twin Flame and someone who we are bound to partner with to raise us to a higher vibration/dimension/plane of existence, the sooner we jump off of the Disney band wagon.

#2: I am whole unto myself...so more nothing

My soul has not been split into one half and another half -  a masculine/feminine, an emanation of yin/yang energy. This belief shows that I am buying into the duality of the 3D plane.

Why would my soul need to split into two pieces to incarnate? Why not 4 pieces? Why not 56 pieces? Who says that two is the ideal number? And that all souls have evolved and split off from 144,000 original souls? Why would God/Source/Spirit make 144,000 souls to begin with? Is God obsessed with base 12 numbers?

Maybe…we do have a base 12 system to tell time.

But, I simply cannot believe in the “teaching” that gives me really specific numbers and values.

It doesn’t make sense and seems completely arbitrary. Almost as arbitrary as writing an article based on a list of four things. I just made up the four. It seemed like enough to get my point across.

Did God need 144,000 souls to get the point across to humanity?

#3: None of this is REAL...so, really NOTHING

This world that we live in is a hologram. It is a magical light show that isn’t actually here.

We are imagining it all, as we are nestled up safe and sound with our dude, G.O.D.

We are dreaming.

Even our waking state is a dream.

Our ego is telling us that we are here and that all of this is real.

But, if we believe that the dreams we have at night, while we are asleep are merely the projection of our minds, how can we believe THIS is real?

Our entire world is composed of these holograms. We see it all the time in nuanced photography where a galaxy looks exactly like our eye ball. Or, the pattern in a flower exactly matches that of a cell replicating. The macro and microcosm are the same. We just can’t zoom out far enough from our human perspective to see the big picture.

If we are dreaming at night and these dreams are projections of our mind, can’t we reason that our waking life is merely a projection from something or somewhere bigger than us?

Yeah, I’m saying we aren’t even here.

So, if I’m not here, how can my Twin Flame help me reach some kind of point of completion or higher level of spiritual awakening?

#4: I Realized a Twin Flame is NOT Required for a Spiritually Conscious Relationship

I can have a partner, who is NOT my twin flame (for reasons already discussed) who is totally amazing. He, in my case, can be a reflection for me of where I want to grow and evolve. All his annoying bits are shreds of myself that I am unhappy with, projected on the outside (remember the hologram?).

He doesn’t have to sit and hold my hands and meditate with me creating a cosmic, interlocking sphere from our 3rd eyes through our chakra systems into the Earth grid and into the galactic interface of humanity to be exactly what I need or want in a partner.

All he has to do is be whole unto himself. He does his stuff, takes care of his weird projections that come out and make it seem like I am the problem, while I’m in the other room doing the same thing.

And, he gives me ample opportunities to practice forgiveness. The chose is mine and only mine.

In each moment, I get to decide whether or not to see this person as a projection of me and a part of me (remember, we’re all nestled up with the Notorious G.O.D. anyways) and forgive.

Then, I’ll eventually remember that this is all an illusion and I’ll actually have an opportunity to leave “psycho planet” as one of my fave authors, Gary Renard, calls this place. But, if I am sitting around thinking or waiting for this Twin Flame to appear, I’m merely trapping myself in the illusion.