Strengthening and Supporting Your Child's Intuition

Strengthening and Supporting Your Child's Intuition

Although some might consider intuition to only be important for telling fortunes, I see it as a a part of our every day lives.

Our intuition is the little voice that tells us to slow down, right before we can see the police car ahead.

She is the nudge that tells us to apply for a job, even though it doesn’t fit our exact qualifications, that turns out to be our dream job.

And, our intuition is a tool to help us discern what is best for us AND who we are.

Who Are These Magical Children?

Years ago, I was teaching high school special education. My position was all about supporting kids who were in mainstream classes, but needed extra time and help with their work.

As I got to know my students, I was realizing that most of them had psychic abilities. They were seeing, hearing and feelings things that most of their classmates were not.

One of my students could even look at pictures of other people and tell me if they were “magical” or not.

That’s when I started using the phrase “magical” to describe people tapping into these innate abilities.

What I also noticed was that a majority of students who had been characterized as having “special needs” were also magical.

Now, I don’t believe that just because two things are related, one is the cause of the other.

This did get me thinking about what is actually happening within these kids.

All of us are born with antennae that connect us to the unseen world. Even the most muggle people we know we these antennae.

In some of us, the antennae are picking up more signals, more input is coming in. In a sense, we have more channels available.

These channels are our extrasensory abilities.

For instance, I have a very strong channel of claircognizance. This ability is defined “clear knowing,” I just know things. I don’t even know how I know them.

A friend of mine has clairaudience, or clear hearing, as her strongest channel. She receives messages through sound bytes, or even music.

A student I used to teach would see a dog running through the hallway, her clairvoyance, clear vision was off the charts.

And, most of my students had antennae tuned in to clairsentience, or clear feeling. They were feeling other people’s emotions at every turn. A lot of the time, their anxiety wasn’t even theirs but someone else’s that they could feel.

The exact way these magical abilities manifest will be different for every kid. But, let’s consider what this might look like.

Imagine sitting in a classroom with 25 other kids.

If you have claircognizance, you are going to know a lot of things you have no way of explaining. You might know the answer to questions before the teacher even finishes asking.

If you have clairaudience, you might be hearing a voice talking to you, but no one in the classroom is saying these words. This voice is probably talking at the same time as the teacher.

If you have clairvoyance, you might see spirit guides (or guardian angels) of all of your classmates, in addition to everything else that you are seeing around the classroom.

And, if you have clairsentience, you are feeling the emotions and, even, physical sensations of the other students around you and even your teacher.

Just writing about this and imagining it sounds exhausting.

If you are a 6 or 11 or 15-year-old kid and you have all of this input coming in AND you are supposed to be sitting at your desk, quietly paying attention and doing your work, how can you even function?

As an adult with these abilities, I have figured out how to turn mine on and off. But, a child who is unaware their antennae is tuning in will have no idea how or that it is even possible.

I believe that this is why the correlation exists between so many kids receiving a “diagnosis” and so many of these same kids having these extrasensory experiences.

With our kids, we recognize that something is affecting their learning or socialization or ability to function.

We seek out help to see if we can find a reason why this is happening.

Modern education, science and medicine continue to discount any spiritual phenomena as psychosis, on a regular basis.

Rather than seeking to understand why these things are happening, children are given a label, sometimes medication and a list of service providers who may be able to help.

What would happen if we started to look behind the label.

We started to see our kids are having trouble paying attention in class because they do have these super charged antennae, picking up everything around them?

These abilities our kids have become an asset, rather than a liability.

We can then discover new ways to support our kids and their unique, ever changing needs.

If we take a step back, we know that humanity is evolving.

Any evolution, in real time, will look problematic because the individual exhibits a different trait than the rest of the species.

But, when we look back 10,000 years from now, we’ll see that we are teetering on a dramatic change within our human species. We are in a position to see actual evolution happening.

We’ll wonder why we were spending so much time trying to “fix” what is wrong with these kids, rather than celebrating their magical abilities.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be first in line for the celebration.

8 Things to Try When Your Kid Doesn't Sleep

So, your kid won’t sleep.

Or, won’t sleep without you right there.

Or, your kiddo gets to sleep, only to wake up every night plagued by nightmares.

Everyone acts like once your kid will sleep through the night, or sleep in her own bed, or not need to be rocked to sleep, our parenting struggles are over.

The truth is, they aren’t.

We can think our kid is 100% fine until we start finding them curled up at the end of our bed, each morning. We didn’t even know there was a problem, until there is one.

All of our kids are different, so the possibilities of what might be going on are endless.

But, there are common threads.

Each of the kids I’ve spoken to in the past week are all highly sensitive. They have untapped intuitive abilities. Sometimes the reality we exist in is simply too much for these kids. They need support to be the best version of themselves.

That’s what we’re here for, right?

Here are some tools to add to your toolbox the next time your kid has lost their mind at bed time, or you find them in their sibling’s bed in the morning.

1.     Increase physical activity


Our kids are leading, for the most part, sedentary lifestyles. PE time is being cut at school for more math and reading. We schedule them into activities after school, but they get burnt out.

Whether the kids are playing at a park afterschool, going for a family bike ride or in a more structured activity, make sure they are getting 20-30 minutes of activity DAILY.

I could write five pages about why this is beneficial, but I’ll spare you the details.

2.     Chillax


Not only are kids not getting enough activity, they are over the top stimulated at every turn. Technology is the biggest culprit here. Whether the kids are toddlers or teens, if they are having trouble sleeping, this can make a massive difference.

All screens give off light that triggers our brains to stay awake. Consider cutting ALL technology an hour before bedtime. Create a time for a shower/bath, to talk about your favorite parts of the day, to set intentions for the next day…whatever feels good to you. This ritual can help your kiddo’s brains chill out from all the input throughout the day.

3.     Create a Crystal Grid (or imagine one)

Crystals | The Photo Forest.jpg

Crystals can be a powerful ally. Each stone carries a specific vibration. Guess what? So do our emotions. Utilizing crystals in our kid’s bedrooms can be a fun AND supportive way to help them sleep better.

If you don’t have crystals around, or aren’t into them, you can do the same thing with your mind. Visualize the crystals you’d use and where you would put them. Imagine the effect they would have.

You can create a grid without crystals all with the power of your mind. Crazy to consider, right?

If I have crystals, I usually use black tourmaline and rose quartz. This combo offers grounding, protection and love. For kids who have bad dreams, what better a combination could you ask for?

To create a grid, I like to put the stones between the mattress and boxspring/frame. You can simply slide them in on the corners (one of each per corner). The size and texture of the stones don’t matter. Letting your kid pick out what he likes will empower him in the process, so DO include him!

4.     Use Guided Meditation


Meditation is brilliant for helping us to chill out and relax.

But, there is another benefit that no one ever talks about.

Our pineal gland is responsible for our melatonin production. When it gets dark, we start to produce more and less as it gets light again.

You won’t find this in an anatomy text book, but our pineal gland is also known as our “third” eye and is said to be the seat of psychic abilities.

If we stimulate this tiny gland, that even looks like an eyeball, we can trick it into producing more melatonin.

Think about it, how many times have you tried meditating, but fell asleep?

Using a guided meditation as a part of a bedtime ritual can help get that melatonin naturally pumping, in no time.

5.     Use Essential Oils (maybe)


I say this with caution because I am well aware of the negative effects some oils can have. Kids have ended up with chemical burns because the oils were not used appropriately.

The myriad of people on your own social media selling these oils is, surely, staggering. Unfortunately, the Big Two companies aren’t training their purveyors in safety and chemical reactions, only in sales.

If you work with a health practitioner or aromatherapist, they can help you choose a safe brand and create your own blend in a carrier oil. Most are not safe to apply directly to skin, much less children’s sensitive skin. You can check out Samantha Mant’s blog for her take on oils, as a naturopath.

Some oils are not even meant for inhalation from a diffuser.

That being said, any oils that are calming can be a tremendous asset at bedtime and become a part of the nightly routine.

6.     Tapping/EFT

Until I tried this technique for myself, I thought the people using it were completely mental. There was no way that tapping on a few spots on your face and body could help with emotional or stress issues.


Based on principles similar to acupuncture/acupressure, tapping (or EFT) releases emotion that is pent up in our bodies.

If your kids are anxious before bed, this is a quick and easy technique to use to help them to calm down.

Another cool part about it is that it programs our subconscious. After a while, you might not even need to use this anymore.

7.     Journaling


I love to write things down when I am stressed. The physical process of writing is scientifically-proven to help us process our emotions.

This may not work for the three year old who is freaking out, but it may for the fourteen year old who lies awake for hours each night.

The spelling, grammar, punctuation don’t matter. All that matters is your kiddo getting down whatever is running through her head, keeping her awake. Writing in stream of consciousness (whatever pops in, comes out on paper) can be especially helpful.

The journal pages never have to be re-read, maybe your kids even rip them out and throw them away when they are finished.

8. Handle Your Biz

Dance it out - The Photo Forest.jpg

These sensitive kids pick up on everything.

If we are tired, stressed, irritable, off-kilter, they will know it.

Chances are, they have no idea what they are feeling or where it is coming from, but they feel uneasy.

So, when I say handle your biz, I’m talking about taking care of YOU.

Manage your stress, take some time to do some guided meditations, journal, chillax, dance like no one is watching, create a peaceful bedtime routine for yourself.

PLEASE PLEASE Get Your Hands Dirty

Let’s end the masquerade, take off our masks and be real. Even if it’s only for the time we’re together here.

As an intuitive practitioner, I help clients to become the best versions of themselves. We work together through mentoring or healing sessions. The circle of people around me who do the same type of work is immense, each with a different modality and perspective. The possibilities for how we can all approach “becoming the best version of ourselves” is endless.

But, what I am seeing is disturbing. I’m talking this “dark” side of spirituality. Not the gurus abusing their sycophants, people are speaking up about that. What I’m talking about, no one is speaking up about.

I’m talking about the manipulation, the deceit and the smoke and mirrors that other practitioners are employing in their work.

And, I don’t mean Madam Rosemarie who is charging $2,000 here, $750 there, and another $1200 in a week again to remove a curse or to clear your juju.

The predatory behavior I’m talking about that is rife in New Age Spirituality is even more insidious.

What I’m talking about here is the practitioner who is out of alignment, who is teaching one thing, but doing another, once the cameras are off.

As a spiritual practitioner, I believe that my greatest source of knowledge and wisdom is my intuition. Nothing I seek outside of myself will be as rich or fulfilling as what I can seek within.

There are many who feel they aren’t able to access their own intuition and turn to people who can, like me and myriads of others. I wouldn’t have a business without clients in this boat.

Because others come to me for intuitive insight, support and guidance, I strive to be the best version of myself that I can be.

This means I address any emotional blips on my radar, I seek out healthy relationships, I maintain a strong and clear state of mind.

How can I help others if I am not doing these things myself? It would be a bit like being 100 pounds overweight and running a personal training business.

Unfortunately, I’m seeing more and more practitioners who are spiritually overweight. By this, I mean, they aren’t tending to themselves.

They aren’t exploring their shadow elements. They aren’t mentally healthy; they don’t engage in their own spiritual practices, yet encourage others to do so.

I have witnessed practitioners show up hung over for a day of tarot reading; hands on healers who can’t work unless they’ve hit their bong before they start; and spiritual mentors who are saying the same exact thing to many of their clients.

This is NOT to say that we have to achieve some level of perfection before we can help others. That is simply not the case.

What I am saying is that how can we call ourselves healers, intuitives, practitioners when we aren’t willing to do our own work?

When we aren’t willing to dig into the root of our addictions and address those issues; when we seek codependent relationships and drama in our own lives, how can we truly be of service to others?

If you are a practitioner, let’s be real, are you doing the work? Are you setting healthy boundaries or simply getting by with telling your clients they need to?

If you are a client (which, I think we ALL are at one time or another), who will you work with? Are you going to find the practitioner who has the lowest rate? The one with the best smoke and mirrors?

This is when your own intuition plays a part. Who do you believe is MOST in alignment with your journey?

The things I’m mentioning here are hard to know. We don’t know what is happening in someone else’s home, in their personal lives. All we have to go off of are curated social media images and word of mouth.

But, we if we start getting real about our sessions that are less than satisfactory? Instead of not speaking up and not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings, we have to start making our voices heard if we want this to stop.

I am sick to death of hearing about practitioners who make their clients feel guilty for not consulting them on big decisions.

I cannot keep my mouth shut any longer about the practitioners who I know are showing up to their regular Facebook Live readings high as a kite.

And, I will not give credit to fellow practitioners who are routinely 15-20 minutes late for their sessions, and have to be reminded by the client that there is a session.

This is not good enough. As practitioners, we wonder why we aren’t taken seriously, as an industry. We think about how crazy it is that some believe we are charlatans. We detest the notion that anyone would believe we are fake.

But we are.

There are enough people acting with a lack of integrity that we all suffer.

I am beyond ready to create a shift in the matrix. I am ready to be the best version of myself, consistently. I vow to show up having faced my shadows. I promise to be free of mind-altering substances during my sessions. I guarantee that you will get the clearest channel I can provide every time I show up with you.

Who else is willing to do the same?


Remembering Who We Are

The brutal truth is that we are scared.

We have all these desires, wishes, goals and dreams that we keep inside, locked away.

We believe that maybe they won’t come true.

Perhaps we don’t deserve what we want, and that’s why we don’t already have it.

That little voice inside our head tells us that because we’ve done X, we’ll never get Y.


The sensation is so constricting.

Starting in our guts and winding its way up our torsos, until it is firmly wrapped around our necks, Fear suffocates us like a python.

We carry out our day-to-day lives in this vice grip, choking away the hopes we’ve so carefully stashed.

It’s no wonder that our lives are full of blocked arteries, traffic congestion, chronic health conditions.

We are creating these outer manifestations of our inner world with each thought and with each strangled breath we take.

We limit ourselves.

No one else. Not society, not establishment, nor our parents, government, spouse or children. They merely offer an external location where we can place our blame.

It’s easier to say that they are the python, coiling around us, than to realize and take ownership for this constriction we have brought on ourselves.

Until today.

Today is different.

Each time we have a realization and come to a new understanding of ourselves, we begin to expand, lessening the death grip that Fear has upon us.

We can stand taller and stronger than before.

We know that we are the creators. If we have done this to ourselves, we can just as easily free ourselves from this choke hold.

We only have to remember.

If we don’t remember that we are the creators, then our lives remain beholden to all those outside of us.

We can choose to buy into their stories about us and accept what appears to be the truth, but we know deep inside is nothing more than a smokescreen.

In fact, all those outside of us are smokescreens that we have created. We can abdicate responsibility if we hawk it on to someone or something else.

Not today, though, because today we remember that we are responsible.

We don’t get lost in the Swamp of Sorrows and feel bad for all that we created. Just the same as how we never felt bad for the drawings we made of our families when we were tiny, the ones where every person is a blob with tiny stick legs.

No one feels bad about those. We realized that we could only draw that way, it was where we were.

The same stands true today. We don’t need to feel bad about forgetting our inner strength. We didn’t know any better.

But, the second we do know better we must take action.

We can cultivate this awareness throughout our day. Each time we see a limitation, we can remember that it is not truly there. We created the limit outside of ourselves to allow for deeper remembrance of our true power.

As we see and mark each fallacy as an illusion, the death grip of Fear begins to subside.

Before long, we know that what we see around us is a reflection of what is inside. Fear no longer runs our lives. The external has no effect on our internal peace.

We know, without a doubt, that we are capable of anything. We create our ultimate reality around us.

When we reflect at where we’ve come from, we notice our old traveling companions, Fear is no longer there. Our gaze rests upon the python, lying dead on the ground 10 steps behind.


Be As Threatening As Possible

Be as threatening as possible.

I mean it.

Each time we are, we raise the bar.

I’m not talking up in someone’s face with a shard of glass from the bottle you just broke, threatening.

Nor would I ever suggest you actually make threats of harm toward another living being. That’s not cool.

What I’m saying here is threaten others with your light. Be so brilliant that you send them heading for the hills. Or at least their phones to post on social media or message their BFF about how horrible of a person you are.

Then, you’ll know you’ve hit a nerve.

Each time we shine our light as brightly as possible, some are bound to shrink away, back to the shadows. Others will turn up their light to match ours because they finally feel like they can.

Then, there are some who will decide we are terrible. We bad people. They won’t really have a reason why, we just are. Probably things like “how controlling we are”, “how dare we…”, will slide out of their thumbs covering their keyboards with the ink of their own shadow.

Yet, we’ll know that notion of control they speak of doesn’t even exist. We don’t want control of other people.

While we may want to help them liberate themselves from their self-imposed prison of misery and fear, we don’t want to make them automatons in exchange for this freedom. Those shouting about our controlling natures are merely seeing their own subconscious and projecting it on to us.

They are the ones wanting to control others, to keep everyone around them small. It’s safer that way, you know. No one can feel bad about themselves if everyone is equally small. No one looks bad if everyone looks bad, it’s status quo.

Let’s take a look at those “how dare she’s” for a moment. Those are my personal favorite. I mean, who am I to stand up for the truth, sometimes at detriment to the establishment (whichever establishment it may be).

The notion that is possible to look at a societal norm and say “nah, that’s not for me” is unthinkable.

We enter into this space where we are unfuckable. We don’t care what other people think or say.

Entry to the club may not come with a velvet rope outside, but once we’re in there, we are in. There is no going back. The way out is bricked over.

But, who would want to go back?

Shrinking back down to make others feel comfortable or to meet the status quo is not an option.

We are extraordinary. That is our destiny.

We can hum and haw and pretend like we don’t know. But, we do.

The deepest whispers of our soul know.

Our souls are calling for us to become more unlimited more E X P A N S I V E.

To live the ultimate life, outside the bounds of “normal” is our birthright.

Those people around us might be scared by us. But, we could also ignite a revolution in them to put them more in touch with the inner reaches of themselves.

Or, they’ll just stay on the other side of the bricks, hurling insults at those of us on the inside. We won’t even care if they do, though, because we’ll be so level on the inside that nothing will stick.

Today, tomorrow and the next day, I’m making a vow to be as threatening as possible. I’ll continue to shake the foundations, to make waves and to push the limit. Because every limit is an opportunity for a new boundary, how can there be any other way?







We Are the Ultimate Creators

We are responsible for it all. All of it. The whole world. The whole Universe.


We are creating it moment to moment.

As empowering as this is, the thought can also leave us terrified.

When we see our spouse leaving us, or our kid hospitalized with an inexplicable illness, or we are abused by something else, we have created the situation.

Yikes, right?

This is in no way shape or form victim blaming.

I’m not telling anyone that they are a crappy person and should be full of shame and remorse.

That’s what victim blaming does, right, create more darkness out of an already dark situation?

I’m bringing a light in here to show it around a little so we can all see what is lurking in the dark.

Over the past couple months, I’ve been working my way through the A Course In Miracles. This is a framework for understanding the world and ourselves like nothing I’ve ever encountered.

The Course doesn’t just suggest to silence the mind and think happy thoughts, it will systematically help us all to unravel our ego.

Big purpose, right?

One of my fave dudes EVER, Jesus (aka Yeshua) narrates the text.

It’s almost as if the Bible isn’t full of his actual teachings and he needed to set the record straight.


Let that shock and horror resonate around a bit while you plunge even deeper into Truth.

The Course says, “You cannot do this as long as you believe that anything happening to you is caused by factors outside yourself.” [This = believing that anything is beyond you.]

Whoa. You might actually need a glass of water to finish this one.

We are all One. We are God. We have never left God.

We live in this illusion that we are separate and finite and limited. But, we’re all playing roles in a grand play so that this being, God, may better know himself/herself.

This is why I say: if my spouse leaves me, I am responsible.

Not because I didn’t fold his laundry perfectly or because I asked him 65,000 times to wash his whiskers off the sink, but because I am creating this illusion.

I am creating this illusion.

Each and every thought I have creates the world around me.

Science has proven this. Check out “The Double Slit Experiment” if you are unsure about this. Every time we observe something, we change the nature of said thing.

We are co-creating our reality through the simple act of observation. We don’t even have to DO anything.

So, I am responsible when my husband leaves because I created that situation. Probably not from anything that I’m conscious of, but from the depths of my subconscious. The far reaches that lie in the darkness and make themselves known, only to send us into despair.

But, we are not victims. If my husband leaves, I can forgive him. I can remember that I am safe. I know that I have everything I need inside of me. I don’t need his presence or his money or his laughter at my inane jokes to prove my worth.

I am whole in and of myself. I am filled with God.

How can I not be full if the essence of the creator resides inside of me?

That’s like saying a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice contains no oranges (I’m not talking Chinese import OJ here fresh off the synthetic assembly line).

We have chosen to take human form so that this being known as God may experience every possibility. Every thought, feeling, act, sensory experience is new and unique.

Because of this, we are always responsible.

If we want to change our lives,  we have to be ready to change our thoughts and uncover our subconscious. In doing so, we can discover our motivations and more effectively create from a conscious space.

Conscious living is not all about recycling and eating non-sprayed produce and decluttering our homes. Being conscious is about decluttering ourselves.

When we start that process, we start to see how powerful we really are. We start to see our creations take shape. We see that we are manifesting our life with each thought we have.

What are you creating in your world, today?

Goodbye Crow, Hello Possibility

The banshee screeches, begging for my attention. I deign to give it, but it has become impossible not to.

Each morning, like clockwork, the lone crow appears, shrieking. I’m convinced it is the same bird, every single morning between 7:15 and 7:30, rousing me from my peaceful slumber.

Crow doesn’t even have the decency to sit atop the lone tree gracing our suburban plot. Instead, he claims his throne on the tallest tree in the neighbor’s yard, the one with gnarled branches and limbs, twisting its way above the others in the perfect ode to the withered crone.

For weeks upon weeks, I envision the bird’s death. I see myself grabbing it by the rump and the head and wrenching its head off. Wholly uncharacteristic of me, I am horrified by my own thoughts of ending the life of another living creature.

I am able to maintain my sanity until the moment when an idea arises.

Animals are able to receive telepathic communication. Rather than plotting and planning its death, why don’t I try to communicate with Crow in a different way?


I haven’t done it before, but I may as well start here. We always find a new way because we have to.

As I lay in my cozy bed, raging against the rude wake up call, I send a picture to Crow. From my mind to his. A picture of him taking flight and flying away.

I continue sending this and pull myself out of my slumber, only to realize Crow is gone. He’s not just quiet, he’s flown away.

Maybe a fluke, maybe not. I try this again over days and days and days. Each time, it works. Each time I send Crow the picture from my mind’s eye, he receives it and is gone.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

The magic here is not something I fell into through elaborate ritual or a guidebook. The method simply popped into my head and I ran with it, unattached to the outcome.

I think about how easy all aspects of my life could be if I did what popped into my head, unattached to the outcome. I often lose sight of the adventure and the benefit of trial and error. I become stuck in the “should” and the “this has to work.”

Rather than looking at the opportunity to try something new, I was finding myself mired in the old.

This extended to my business, my relationships, my entire life.

But, we’ve moved into the beginning of the zodiac calendar, with Aries, the initiator. I am taking this ram for a spin.

Each time a new possibility pops into my head, I explore it. I let it percolate, if I’m having a genius moment, I write it down.

The beauty is that whenever I do this, another idea pops in. Then another and another and another. I am in the flow. Before I know it, there are new opportunities at every turn.

Stagnancy’s rule had ended.

I let something new into my awareness and played with it. I discovered it works. Now, I am ready to take flight, open to any possibility, maybe in soaring along with Crow.

Owning Our Magic

Are you owning your magic?

It’s time.

There is no more room to play small. To be limited.

Whether you want to call it the Patriarchy or chemtrails or mass conditioning, we’ve been made to believe that we are individual, disconnected beings.


Nothing could be further from the Truth.

We are innately connected, Divine beings.

We just don’t realize it.

Yet, we sit here with our mini bags of Fritos and Coke Zero watching The Real Housewives believing there is nothing for us to do.

The time has come to put down the chips and Coke and wake up to our True nature.

We have to own our birthright.

We came to Earth and incarnated to realize our potential. Not our potential for the most raises in a year or the Parent of the Year award.

Forget those.

Those are cheap in comparison to the awesomeness we could have just by grabbing it.

I’m talking about the potential to realize we are unlimited creators. We are bigger than the 3D forms that we see and identify as our bodies.

We expand beyond space and time, into every. single. realm. of. existence.


This could feel like a massive weight.  A burden. One more thing to live up to.

But, it’s not.

Owning this knowing and making it real in our daily lives creates Freedom. Total and absolute freedom.

You’re still going to have to pay your mortgage and your student loans, so I’m not sure trying to convince those agencies of your Freedom is the best idea.

As we’re able to come to terms with this, we can start to see what it looks like in our daily life.

We get to witness the flow and ease and abundance and joy.

Who doesn’t want more of that?

All we have to do is start to remember.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to help me remember:



Currently, I’m using Ho’Oponopono with my mala beads and repeating all 4 phrases 108 times. Sometimes, I set my focus on one particular person or situation. More often, I just let it flow. I start with someone or something in mind and then allow whatever comes up to come up. Today, a skin blemish came to my attention. I apologized, asked for forgiveness, thanked it and gave it my love.

I’m also following up with a killer guided meditation that opens me up to receive from Source/God/Divine.


The meditation comes first because it gets me in “The Zone.” As an athlete, I thought I knew The Zone. The Spiritual Zone eclipses what I thought I knew of intensity and focus.

My journaling is a series of affirmation statements.

I AM power.

I AM unlimited.

I AM aligned with the deepest Truth of who I am.

I AM abundant.

I AM an open channel for the Divine.

You get the idea.

Release attachment

Sometimes I forget that I’m awesome. Fear, doubt and guilt creep in.

I acknowledge them. Then, I refocus on how expansive I am. How far and wide my energy reaches. How unlimited I feel.

Those little deviants creep back into their holes and stay there…until an hour or so later. And I start the process again.

This is a process. A constant practice.

Over and over and over. A willingness to look Fear in the face and throat punch it back to oblivion.

I am constantly releasing these attachments to my limited, small, safe, comfortable self.

Who am I kidding? I was made to be a boat tipper. I’ve always done it. I’m a genius at finding the “line” in situations, stretching my toe across it and then coming back. I’m always testing the waters. I have to know where my freedom lies.

This line has been my guide for decades. Literally. I wouldn’t upset the balance in relationships or jobs or family situations. Until I had to.

But, by then, I had shrunk myself to something so small and safe and careful, I was nearly unrecognizable. I’d burst free.

Only to do the same thing again. To limit myself again. To play small so others felt safe.

But, other’s safety isn’t my problem. I’m not pushing people in the street in front of cars or anything.

If I make someone feel uncomfortable, that is their issue. They have something to face within. I count myself grateful that I’ve brought it to the surface for them to see.

I don’t even feel bad about it. There is nothing to feel bad about.

If we aren't owning our innate awesomeness, what the heck are we doing?

Identifying with our limits doesn’t serve anyone. Keeping quiet for fear of shocking or surprising or unsettling someone else is actually a disservice to ourselves.

We came here with a purpose. How many more lifetimes are we going to incarnate before we realize it?

An Open Letter to the Weird Kid

Dear Weird Kid,

I see you. You think I don’t and that no one else does either. Today, you wear black to blend in, but have dyed your hair fluorescent pink. Each day, you tread on a line of floss, a delicate balance between the desire to be seen for who you are, from the desire to hide.

We spent 10 years together while you walked the hall and got books from your locker; and I took attendance and submitted your grades. You see the kids in their Varsity jackets and Jordan’s or the ones with perfect make up and skin. I see you.

The longing is most apparent in your eyes. You want us to see you for you and quietly tell you we notice. Yet, each day you trudge uphill again, not knowing if you will ever reach the summit.

You aren't sure if we will see you. In doing so, you seek a delicate balance between taming your hair enough to NOT be ridiculed, but leave it crazy enough to look "cool."

Your physical form is how you represent yourself because it’s all you have. No one stops to listen or truly hears what you have to say, not the people you wish would, anyways.

Know that you are seen and you are heard, more than you realize. And, you are here for a reason. You serve a purpose greater than you can know or even realize at this point.

Our world is moving in a new direction. Into territory that is just off the edge of the map, albeit a map where no one has drawn the line of demarcation. Unknowingly, you are leading us there.

We are moving into the Age of Aquarius. The New Eath. This age is a time and place where we are going to be called on to be the HIGHEST individual versions of ourselves that we can possibly create in this reality. You are at the forefront of this rapid change.

How do I know? You wear it everyday. The way you dress, carry yourself and speak calls for you to considered something different than the masses

You don’t fit into the box of geek, jock, popular, pretty, straight, emo, gamer, partier. You fit into them all.

Throughout a day, you may represent each box that society believe you should fit into, but you truly don’t. Aquarius is the sign of individuality and you exemplify what it means, each day.

You are teaching us all that we can be our individual selves. We are learning to march to the beat of our own drum. You demand we see you for yourself and to honor your individual choice; thereby embracing our own. You are the new reality, but the world has yet to realize it.

Don’t stop what you are doing. Don’t start conforming. Continue to be true to you. Be weird and misunderstood. We'll come around, eventually. As you are yourself, you empower others to step into their own skin. You show them how.

Your parents will realize that you came here for a purpose larger than yourself. They’ll see, in time, that you came here to create our new reality.

You don’t confine yourself to a sexuality or gender. This freaks them out. How can it not?

The power struggle between men and women is at the forefront. We have spent eons with the men leading the women and subjugating them.

You don’t buy into this illusion and have created your own genders and refused to buy into the ones that exist. As you do so, you welcome forth the New Earth.

You are androgynous. You vacillate between “gender identity” from one day to the next as you feel the power shift between the masculine and feminine, wobbling one way and then another. Some of you stand strong in the middle because it is too exhausting to keep choosing.

Keep shifting. Keep finding yourself. Allow your splendor to shine. Help others find their light and their spark.

You have the benefit of social networking. You connect to others in an instant over apps that I don’t even understand how to use or why you’d use them.

Usually, I don’t even understand why they were made. But, they were made for you. They were made for you to express your individuality and to usher in the new.

When you think you are flying below the radar, when you feel small and scared. Know that I see you. I honor you and your journey. I value all you have come to teach me and us. When it feels too much, know that you are not alone. I see you.

And, I appreciate you exactly as you are.

Confessions of a Star Seed

Sinking deeper and deeper, I submerge myself below the surface. The quiet overtakes me and fills me with peace. Each pulse of the ebbing water against my physical form reminds me that I am here. I am present. And, I do need to breathe.

Breeching the surface for air, I snap back to reality. The serenity of the depths remains in my soul, but is shattered by the screech of gulls and the wash of the surf on the shore. I come back into my humanity, the same as I do each morning as I rise of the depths of my unconscious state to the waking world.

My gaze flitters to the beach and back to the water, marveling at the union of the Earth and Sea. This place is a connecting point between two worlds. I realize I do the same.

I am a Starseed. My purpose here is to change humanity.

My incarnations here have always taken place during major times of change. The fall of Atlantis, the human embodiment of Christ Consciousness, the American Civil War, the Second World War, now. (Surely there are others, but these lifetimes have been seared upon my memory, like a brand.)

As Starseeds, we are the Vesica Pisces, sitting at the point of fusion, the world between two others. Starseeds are the synthesis of two merging realities. We incarnate on Earth to catalyze this reaction. As the catalysts, we are the creators, planners and architects of The New Earth Project.



Most of us have spent so many incarnations elsewhere, we have difficulty being human. Rather than incarnate here thousands of times to learn and grow, we come at select times.

Before we do, we download information and memories from the collective conscious that become our own. We feel the pain and horror, the elation and joy of living in this world like we have had the experience ourselves. Yet, we carry the energy like a burden until we discover how to transmute it.

Our purpose is to transmute and transform the energy, to ease the burden of humanity, as a whole. As we create what we believe to be change, within ourselves and for ourselves, we heal Earth and the species called Human.

When we do become human, we need extra time to acclimate. I have had to figure out how to navigate the world feeling like I could see the party, but lost my invitation to it. Everyone else seemed to cope with emotion easily, I was labeled as “sensitive.”

Extreme emotion feels overwhelming and uncomfortable, no matter where on the emotional spectrum they fall. In large part, I avoid extreme displays of emotion. I liken it to choosing your office, each day, for work.

Do you choose the one with the jack hammer shredding the pavement outside the window, or the quiet penthouse view in the corner?

Make no mistake, I have emotions and feel them. I am not bypassing them or acting like they don’t exist. But, I am guilty of repressing them until I can face them little by little.

Many of us suffer from anxiety and depression for this exact reason, the emotion is too much so we completely withdraw, doing so feels safer.

While emotions are perplexing and trying and harsh, Logic and Reason are our friends. Our Star brains revel in the analytical and in making sense of things.

Most of us are shocked by humanity. As a whole, it simply doesn’t make sense. We, logically, understand the duality on Earth.

The aspect of humanity that pushes them to explore new frontiers, but remain connected to old systems and ways of behaving is confounding. 

Why would a people desire knowledge of the new, yet meet it with fear and hatred because it is unknown?

The Logic and Reason apply to every aspect of our Starseed existence as humans. I’m constantly seeking a more efficient approach to every task I undertake.

My mantra has become, “Work smarter, not harder.”

We are on the brink of what’s possible. As humans, we are creating the New Earth each day we are here. We are laying the foundations for the generations to come.

Those of us in adulthood, have paved the way for the magical children appearing now, in unprecedented numbers all over the planet. Never has the Earth experienced a time where more souls were incarnating fully awakened and aware.

Let us join together to support the awakening and expansion of The New Earth Project. We each have our own role to play. Consider whether or not you are embodying yours.

Discovering My Inner Lionness

You’ll never know how much my heartbeat quickened when I saw your email. Or know of the waves of nausea that hit me at the same time.

After eight months of energetic work, set intentions, cut cords, here you were again.

You were like the Ghost of Spirituality Past, back to haunt me.

You. My first spiritual teacher. The one who I opened up to about the most dire elements of my life. You were the one who introduced me to the entire world that I inhabit today.

How did you change so quickly from the role of sage, guide and mentor to that of inquisitor, jury and judge?

You were upset that I didn’t ask you if I should move and that I didn’t follow your advice regarding a relationship.

You told me that my sexual behaviors were wrong and I was energetically corrupted. You said that I was a joke and all my family and friends knew it.

The things you admonished me for weren’t even true and didn’t affect you in any way.

So why were you reaching out to me? To slap my hand? To punch me in the energetic gut? To clear your conscious?

Interestingly, you had given a different perspective than I may have had. You complained and berated and bashed and condemned a former student of yours to me a while back. One who hadn’t “followed your advice.” You tore her to shreds for not doing what you told her.

And here I sit, as you attempt to do the same to me.

But, I’m not her. I’m not going to engage in your petty games of control and delusion.

My reply to you was simple enough: “Do not contact me again via electronic means or otherwise.”

Your Scorpio soul wanted to pull me into the depths with you, but I wasn’t willing to go for the swim.

Lions don’t swim.

I felt so much freedom when I sent you that message. The previous months had been a passive route of disengagement. Unfriending and unfollowing you but not dealing with your passive-aggressive behaviors directly was not enough.

But, a lioness doesn’t concern herself with the opinion of the sheep. So I paid you little heed.

You wanted me to be one of your sheep and blindly follow whatever you said or suggested. But, that’s not my style.

I lead the pack. I am the lioness of my own pride.

Hitting send meant that I was done with you and your manipulations.

I should have known the Universe has an interesting sense of humor and, like any good villain, you would make a dramatic reappearance.

Much to my surprise, you gingerly made your way down the steps to where I was seated at a lakeside spiritual retreat. You had showed up in a foreign country at the same event I was at, seriously?

How was this happening?

You surely saw my pulse quicken and my skin thum-thum-thum against my heart threatening to escape. You had to have felt the anger, annoyance and disbelief radiating off me like the sun off hot pavement.

I centered myself as you took your seat and took a deep breath. I never imagined air filling my body to be so nourishing.

As the topic of the course became more specific, I laughed and laughed. Not out loud, where you’d hear me, but internally.

We were immersed in a course about just the topic you had told me I wasn’t “spiritual” for doing. You know, how all my “loose” behaviors had created negative energy and were attracting entities to me.

My laughter danced through my soul as you were called to confront your demons regarding sexuality, femininity and masculinity.

The time for looking in the mirror was here, Ghost of Spirituality Past.

We had plenty of opportunities to break bread. Maybe we should have. But, I choose not to associate with you or feed in to your energetic games.

I would not be where I am today without you. I’ll always be eternally grateful for all you exposed me to and taught me about. Even your absurd behaviors were beneficial for me to learn from.

You don’t get to me anymore. The thought of you, now, elicits compassion and sadness for all you must have faced and be facing to treat those around you with such flippancy and disdain.

But, that isn’t enough to stop me from hoping, on a semi-regular basis, to have completed any karmic work with you this time around

Kudos to you for putting me “on blast,” as you call it. In doing so, you helped me find the lioness within.

Because of Your Darkness, I Can Now See the Light

The million thank-you’s I am now just able to offer are not always enough to wash away the heartache, confusion and grief I felt when I was with you.

We called what we had a relationship. But, now I question if you ever saw it that way or if our definitions were too far from one another to ever coalesce.

From the beginning, your focus was on you. What you want and when you wanted it, with little regard for anyone but yourself.

Those instances when you were able to keep your fingertips from throttling the bottle were tolerable and nearly enjoyable.

The joy was hard to accept knowing that it would so quickly evaporate and leave me wondering if it ever really existed at all.

As I would watch you sip from the Big Gulp, ¾ full of booze and ¼ full of pop, I began to brace myself.

However, I believed I had to be a pliable branch. To be a tree that bent in the breeze, never to break. So, that is how I lived my life for over a year.

On the outside, I had a job I was great at, was meeting new people in a new place, and dove more deeply into learning about spirituality.

I accepted, graciously, from the Universe and moved through my life, not allowing myself to be dragged down by you.

Not on the time when you were 90 minutes late to pick me up at the airport you lived 20 minutes away from.

Nor did I lose my mind, the many times I came home and had no idea where you were and you wouldn’t respond to any calls or messages I sent you.

My life continue on an even keel as you tipped drastically close to the chasm, calling me names, telling me I was worthless and that you could go out and meet and hook up with as many women as you wanted.

I stayed with you because I believed that I had to help you. My purpose was to help you see the real demons you carried on your back. If I was just patient enough, you’d be able to.

You helped me learn about myself and I hope, on a regular basis, that I learned it all that time around. I surely do not want the Universe to grant me the opportunity to learn those truths again. To show my gratitude, I utter the million “thank you’s” in hopes that the Universe knows I’ve got it.

As I zoom out to understand why, I know that we agreed to play a particular role in one another’s life. I know we had differences to work out. I am certain that I asked you to do what you did so I could come out the winner this time.

I’ve seen flashes of another life we had together where I had to stay by your side until death parted us; after which time I had a wild celebration at your passing.

Somehow, I made it through the storm with only a few hairs out of place. No one was able to see below the surface where I paddled madly until I couldn’t paddle anymore.

Today, all my hairs are in place, on the rare occasion I actually comb them.

My life is full of absolute joy that is no longer threatened with impending darkness.

You helped me to clear out the old to make way for the new. You helped me to find a new pathway that is a better fit for me than any I could have discovered with you.

For all the times I wanted to hurt you, as much as you hurt me, I’m glad I didn’t. That would have filled me sorrow, guilt and left us connected.

Thank you for darkening my vision to allow me to better see the light.

What is this "New Earth"?

As people, we’re really into measuring time. We’ve got calendars and reminders for our daily lives. And, we looked to historical ages, epochs and eras. All the while, we are looking in the rear view mirror seeking understanding, yet not realizing we’ve reached a new “time.”

Unfortunately, time doesn’t present itself with markers or welcome centers like you encounter with interstate travel. Time sneaks in, on shadows, darting around corners when we aren’t looking. Before we know it, we are standing in the middle of a new time, wondering how we ever reached that place.

Many of us on the spiritual path are mindful of 5D, of ascension and of the way our world is changing. The Ancients have pointed to passages like 2012, as the portal from one time period to the next. Yet, here we stand in the next wondering why it looks the same.

Consider your interstate travel. If you’ve driven between Indiana and Michigan, you know that each place looks as flat and covered in the same trees and corn fields as the other. Other than a change in concrete conditions or road signs, you’d have no idea you’d entered a new place.

This is much the same for the place we’ve entered, as humanity. We are living in 5D. Part of us is aligned with it and functioning in new ways, but the changes are so subtle, we don’t realize we’ve reached a new place.

How do we know that we are experiencing this?

·      Physical changes-you’re gaining or losing weight, craving different foods, drinking more water, shifting sleep patterns, wanting to be more active, losing track of time

·      Emotional changes-you’re more irritable, sensitive, emotional, irrational, you’re finding a need to express your emotions

·      Mental changes-you’re mental clutter is increasing or you’re feeling more mentally clear, you’ve got a lot going on that wants to come out

Know that the incidences of feeling overwhelmed, in any sense, are temporary. It’s like trying to lift too much at the gym on your first day back.

The weights are too heavy at first, but as you keep lifting, you adjust.

Each instance of irritation, pain, fatigue and mental clutter is an opportunity for release. All yourself to surrender to release and to succumb to the method of release your body is asking for.

Sometimes, we get so used to carrying it around, putting down the burden seems impossible or cumbersome. In the old system, it was hard, it was a struggle. Not anymore.

The New Earth is about instant change and instant healing. But, you have to be willing to experience it.

Many of us who are here right now to usher in the Aquarian Age were here, on Earth, as the Piscean Age took hold. We incarnate at important times in the Earth’s history to help bring in change and help others who might be less comfortable with change.

During the Piscean change, pillars of light shone upon the Earth and carried “packets” of information. These were the transition codes to help us evolve from where we were 2,000 years ago to where we are now. 

While you’re sitting there wondering how I can possibly know this, I know it because I experienced it. During a past life regression with an expert on the Essenes, I saw light pouring onto Earth and told her it was the coded information to help humanity evolve. The light found a home in water and affected all bodies of water, including that in the ground. The water held the vibration to facilitate the shift on a planetary level.

This Age of Aquarius is no different. Many of us feel this “leveling” up process and know we are growing and changing. We are all affected in different ways.

The change to the Piscean age was about coming together and melding and molding and uniting. Look at the biggest force of the Piscean Age, Christianity. The core of it is about helping your brother/sister.

While that was beneficial then, we are entering the age of the individual. Aquarius is the water bearer. We’re being asked to carry our own “water,” to individuate ourselves to improve the collective.

This transition is not about fitting everyone into one mold, but seeing the beauty of a billion different molds. We are like a field of wild flowers where each one is beautiful, unique and necessary to the ecosystem.

As we continue to change and evolve, remember that all of us are going at our own pace. All of us are moving in a uniquely perfect way.

If you’re weirded out by what is happening to you or need some support to help you navigate these changes with more grace and ease, don’t hesitate to reach out!

There are entire communities of like-minded people who can share their journey, their tips and their successes.


Dripping with Honey: A Guide to Manifesting

Law of Attraction. The Secret. Abraham Hicks. These manifestation buzzwords whiz by your ears like bees feverish for pollen.

You’ve luxuriated in the sweet, gooey teachings of business experts and spiritual masters, ready to create the life of your dreams. Your New Year’s resolution was to set intentions.

Today, you’re scraping yourself out of bed, searching for your hideous — yet insanely cozy — sweater, the one you’d never wear out of the house. You need it because you made a pact not to turn your heat on until mid-November because you’re short on money. The money you’re supposed to have already manifested.

As you absentmindedly scrape the remnants of the honey off the edge of your ear lobe and fire up the Keurig, you wonder when it’s going to happen. You made a clear list of what you wanted, and have gotten to the space of feeling it. Yet, you stand staring at your vision board, dumbfounded, as your coffeemaker spits to life.

Manifesting is an art. Like all art, different mediums work for different people. I’ve tried a lot of them: Full Moon ceremonies, crystal grids, daily affirmations, visual money tracking, aligning myself with the vibration. However, I’m taking a flyswatter to the buzzwords, and adopting a different perspective on co-creating with my buddy, the Universe.

Like any art form, my process has changed over time.

Christmas, 1988: I get a globe. My sister and I close our eyes and spin it as fast as we can. We allow Fate to play too and help us pick where in the world to venture to. I keep aiming for Australia. I’m not sure why, but I really want to go there. 28 years later, I’m writing this from Australia, where I live with my ideal partner. The actual one made of honey, not the one oozing stale vinegar.

March, 2000: I decide that I want to stay in the same dorm that I live in for another year, but I need to find a roommate who doesn’t hate me enough to put an ROTC rifle target on the receiver of our wall-mounted phone (this actually happened). My roommate for the following year didn’t hate me, or did she? She went through her daily ritual of changing her pantyliner in our dorm room, while I was in there and while my 12-year-old brother was in there, visiting. We were three doors down from the bathroom. She probably wondered why I was feverishly scrubbing my tongue at the sink.

May, 2002: It’s junior year of college, and I’m suddenly boyfriend-less. I’m also highly codependent (wait, are there even different degrees?), so I have to find a boyfriend. Six months searching, aka going to parties, never on any actual dates. I happen upon the new guy, on accident, when I try to set him up with one of my best friends. Then later on, I wonder why he was so codependent and clingy.

June, 2011: Single again, I’m not ready to meet anyone new, and go through that whole process, but I do want to date. Instead of someone new, a mutual friend visits with another old friend, whom I hadn’t seen for years. Well, he isn’t new, and he has magically arrived just as I set my intentions. He must be my answer from the Universe. I move halfway across the country to date an emotionally abusive alcoholic who cost me money and nearly my sanity. Yet, I had created the relationship by manifesting from a place of fear.

August, 2013: New teacher meeting, chatting with a colleague, when travel comes up and I jokingly mention that I need to find a pilot to date for the free travel. Within two months, I’m dating a guy who works for a major U.S. airline. Although we haven’t dated for over two years, he still lets me use his benefits and fly for free, all over the world, whenever I want.

January, 2015: I hate my job, and start saving money to quit and start my own business. I don’t have a fixed amount in mind, concrete plan, or have any idea of business startup costs. I find myself staring at a five-digit bank account at the end of the school year, to get me through the first year of building a business. Why just the first year? I decided I would be making enough money to live off of after that. My bank account hasn’t hit zero, and is still greater than the total of my credit cards.

September, 2016: I’ve been in Australia for six months by now, and am staying. But I need a car, most of my savings is gone. I don’t look for a car, I just decide how much I will pay and have an idea of what it will look like. One afternoon, my guy, the one made of honey, calls me saying one of his clients has the car, at the price point I hadn’t even shared with him, in the same color family I wanted. It now sits in my driveway.


Each experience I had was the product my creation. Some days, I suckled the sweet nectar of my creations, other days I had to take a Brillo pad to my tongue to alleviate the acrid taste of the poison I’d made. As I started the process of inner work, shining light on my shadow, the outcomes have become, decidedly, more awesome.

Manifestation is like the moving walkway at the airport, but both ends of it magically move toward a common center. The trick is removing all the obstacles and hurdles along the walkway. What you want is already on your path, you’ve just got to get to them. As much as I want to, I can’t parkour around them.

Armed with my flashlight, broom and some helpful spiritual practices, I can engage in the cleanup work to get the debris off the path. That’s when the real magic of manifestation begins.

My codependent tendencies no longer exist. I own my own business, and have enough money to get by (on my way to generating unbridled abundance). And, I’ll be real: I fly around the world for free. I created all of it because I’ve taken the time to work with my shadow and clear the path of possibility.

The process is constant: Clear out my fears. Clear my self-limitations. Clear out the clothes in my closet that don’t fit or I don’t wear. Seriously, they take up space and energetically block new things from coming in.

As I clear the path, I am able to create what I want, with less need of my friend Brillo. My intentions are clearer, and come from a place of higher purpose rather than one of fear. I decide what I want, and assume that I will have it. I assume that I will be lead to its fruition. The process takes a lot of trust in my intuition, but following the breadcrumbs one by one is the only way to find out if it will work.

Sometimes what I want shows up in days, or months, sometimes it takes 28 years, like Australia did, to come to fruition. But I’ve come to a place within myself where I know that what I want already exists in my life and it’s only a matter of shedding the old to move into the new where my desires live.

Instead of waking up, looking for my sweater and gazing longingly at the thermostat, I now wake up to lorikeets and palm trees. I slather gooey honey all over my toast, luxuriating as it drips down my chin. It might be sticky, but it sure is sweet.

7 Signs You're Dealing with Dragons

Thankfully you don’t have to live in Westeros or Middle Earth to work with The Dragons. As spiritual masters and guardians of primordial energies, The Dragons are energetic beings who are assisting us in our personal transformation and that of Earth. Sometimes they even take the form of actual dragons to provide us with an archetype we understand.

Have an inkling that they may be around, but you’re just not sure? Check out this (non-inclusive) list for some signs that they’ve got your back.

1.     Most obviously, you’re obsessed with dragons. You’ve got figurines, t-shirts, posters, lock screens and tattoos of dragons. The usual imagery of fire breathing, winged beasts is their most common form to let us know when they are around. If you still aren’t sure, look at your “watched list” on Netflix. No doubt, you’ve watched every movie where dragons make an appearance. It’s cool, I won’t tell anyone that “How to Train Your Dragon” is your most viewed selection.

2.     You work with Ascended Masters (or archetypes) like Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Isis, St Germain, St Francis and Buddha. While not every being we consider an “ascended master” is a part of the dragons, there are many who are. Chances are if you work with a variety of them on a regular basis, they are a part of The Dragons. Whether you keep their oracle card on your altar, you wear jewelry with their likeness or you simply ask for their help from time-to-time, they hear you. These teachers remain guardians of the Earth and her people since their departure from this space. They are just as invested in our transformation as they were when they were living.

3.     Manifesting is your second nature. You think: “I’d love a chicken sandwich for lunch.” Within minutes, your co-worker arrives with her daily deli creation and a chicken sandwich for you. You hadn’t even considered asking her on her way out the door. Dragon energy helps us with that age old notion, “As Above, So Below.” They help us bring magic from the ethers onto Earth, in physical form. If you’ve been having cool stuff come your way on accident, now is the time to pack a bigger punch and tick some boxes on your “Cool Stuff” list. That promotion or new house are not outside your reach when the Dragons have your back.

4.     You’re 99% convinced your watch is broken and you don’t know how it’s possibly the 20th of the month already (did you pay your water bill?). Time seems to stretch and release leaving you in constant panic on Saturday because your alarm hasn’t gone off and you swear it’s Thursday. As primordial masters of time and space, the Dragons are around you when time has gone wonky. Most of the time (pun intended), they’re helping you achieve more in a short span or creating a collapse to bring an event about more quickly.

5.     The recent subscription to Gaia and binge-watching Ancient Aliens is not enough for you. You want to consume more, read more, watch more, listen to more podcasts related to other-planetary beings. Your urge to connect has driven you into plowing through declassified government documents (and maybe a tin foil hat) in your quest for Truth. The Truth that there are other beings out there. You know there are. This determination is fueled by your Dragon connection. They are beings from other planetary systems and are likely connecting to you in your sleep and meditative practices, leading you on a quest to prove to yourself that you aren’t crazy.

6.     The tattoo board you’ve created on Pinterest is full of sacred geometric patterns. Little did you know there were so many versions of the Sri Yantra or Flower of Life. You’ve even taken to using the patterns as household decorations and have sent your mom on a goose-chase through your childhood home for your Spirograph. Dragon knowledge and wisdom can be too big for words. When this happens, they use symbols and images. Ever wondered why unrelated cultures all an undercurrent of “sacred” images? The Dragons are big on helping us Earthlings evolve and have been around since before time began helping her transformation.

7.     Weird shapes and glyphs follow you from movies like Transformers and Suicide Squad into your dreams and back into your waking reality. They don’t look like any language that Google has helped you view. Nor do they make sense. You’ve probably even caught yourself doodling them, unsure of how the image even came out of the pen. Like the sacred geometry, Dragon’s use these symbols and images to impart concepts. The actual use of letters and words in human communication is fairly new. These images allow us to connect to their energy in a way that is beyond (and probably before) words. Start keeping track of the ones you’re seeing in your dreams. You don’t have an art degree to sketch them out.

And, the cool part is, this list is not exhaustive. If you feel like you’re connecting to dragon energy in some other way, you probably are. They’re very direct in communication and don’t pull punches about who they are or when they are around. Even if you haven’t been doing any kind of spiritual work with them, it’s cool to know they are around, guarding the proverbial treasure.

The Dragons Ask: Who Do You Want to Be?


The caw of the crow echoes through the air like the thunder of beating on a base drum in an elevator. They flock and fly. They perch and chatter.

Yet, each time I listen, they stop.

I’m not talking about just listening to their nature sounds.

The crows are messengers from the collective energy known as “The Dragons.”

The Dragons are a group of beings who reside outside the confines of time and space. They don’t even attach themselves to a particular dimension.

Their purpose is to help us, as humans evolve.

In many ways, we are a weak link on a galactic chain. They’re facilitating our growth as individuals, as a species and as a part of the larger galactic community.

So, when the crows cacophony grows too much, I know it is time to stop and get quiet and listen to what The Dragons have to say.

Today’s message is referring to a shift in the “matrix” as they call it. The fabric of space, beyond time.

Although the shift is very subtle, it is extremely important.

The shift means that we are making progress.

In a science-y way, it’s akin to the difference between a triangle and a square. While they are worlds apart, there is still a way to go before a shape takes on more complexity.

We, as humans, are making progress.

The Dragons urge that despite the doom and gloom that our news and media perpetuates and the seeming end of days events that we see happening around us, this is not the case.

In the face of chaos rises a new possibility, a new potential.

We are expanding and our conscious is expanding.

While we know this, and it is not news, many feel as if they have been in a holding pattern of days, weeks, some even months or years.

The energetic frequencies that are filtering to Earth are breaking us free of these chains.

This doesn’t mean mass awakening or planetary ascension into some other realm of existence, though.

Before we can go anywhere, we have to realize the chains are breaking or can be broken.

When we, individually, connect to this deep inner knowing and truth, we open up the possibility for others. Before long, the collective will bask in this energetic framework of having broken out of the chains.

The Dragons insist that we all do our individual part. We do not have to go back to the past to fix things.

Our trials and tribulations can stop right now.

All we have to do is believe that to be true.

By shining light on our perceived Boogie Man, we realize that a Beanie Baby fell over next to our night light.

Today, The Dragons ask us to move radically forward.

The past does not matter.

We are completely able to release old patterns and programs, if we are willing to release the story.

The story may be the hardest part to let go of, because without it, who are we?

But, just as much as our stories define us, they also limit us.

We have potential right now, to ask not who we are, but who we want to be.

What would you say?

If We Don't Show Others the Way, Who Will?

                                                      Photo by  Morgan McDonald  on  Unsplash

                                                      Photo by Morgan McDonald on Unsplash

I feel like I’ve been pushing my trolley, loaded to the brim with my gear against the brickwork trying to get to Platform 9 ¾. But, the portal wasn’t open.

Not just for an hour here or there.

Not just for this lifetime.

For aeons.

The good news is: that portal has opened.

We are the first ones through, coming into this Aquarian Age.

This means we have to show others the way.

Because, really, who is going to run, full speed with all their “stuff” into a brick wall?

Once we show others the way, they’ll be joining us.

For now, the platform might be a little bit lonely.

But, if we don’t do it, who will?

If we don’t release our darkness and walk toward the light,

If we don’t put down our sword and shield and meet others with compassion,

If we don’t stop blaming others for all that we are experiencing,

If we don’t honor our Divine Feminine wisdom,

If we don’t harness our inner fire

If we don’t show our daughters and sisters and mothers and neighbors how to do it,

Who. Will?

We’ve chosen to incarnate now to show others the way, through our words, our wisdom and our ways.

When our ego tells us we are too small or not enough or that we need one more certification to prove our worth, we have to be willing to look her in the eye and say, “no.”

We are enough.

We always have been.

If we don’t remember this, who will?

Shhhh...Are You Quiet Enough to Hear the Universe Speaking to You?




Can you hear it?

I can, sometimes.

Our soul will speak to us, guide us, teach us when slow down.

Too often we get stuck in patterns of being “busy.”

When we really stop to look at what’s happening, it’s laughable.

Most of the time we are creating the busy-ness.

I’ve realized how busy I used to (and sometimes do) make myself to avoid other things.

When we get quiet, we hear things.

Our thoughts.

The birds.

Our tummy rumbling.

But, we aren’t used to these sounds.

They aren’t in our daily language, so they seem almost alien.

When we are busy, we miss them.

We don't hear the instructions.

If we don’t make time, we lose out on the joy.

Those times we stop and breathe, those make space.

When we have room around us, we can hear and see and touch and taste the Divine.

We are the Divine, so how could it be any other way.

It’s not something we have to seek.

All we have to do is get quiet and listen.

The answers to our prayers reside in this space.

Our soul will whisper to us the answer to our “dilemma.”

The trick is so simple, yet so often avoided.




Only then will these gentle platitudes make themselves known.