Guys, I know you can't tell by the picture...but I am super weird. I'm owning it.

I've never fit in with the crowd. I tried. Oh, how I tried.

The crazy part is that I sometimes got in. I fit myself into the mold. But, it didn't last long. I couldn't be contained. The mold was too small and too tight and too constricting.

Without exception, I've had to bust out each time I've tried to fit in.

Every school where I taught (yes, I was a teacher!) grew too small, too bureaucratic.

Relationships and friendships became death sentences.

Other people expected me to be some kind of static automaton.

I can't. It's not in me.

I've simply stopped trying.

What's the point?

My mission on Earth is to activate and align others to their purpose...probably a "weird" purpose.

The weirder the better.

We can't hide anymore (myself included).

We are here to create change. To take bold action. To inspire. To create. To explore.

If you've been limiting yourself or following other's rules, I'm telling you now: BURN the rule book.

I feel so much better since I did.

I'm operating on my own terms. My life can't be dictated by what someone else believes.

Since I've accepted this about myself, I feel more free, more unlimited, more E X P A N S I V E than ever.

Now is our time.

The time for weird to become the norm.

Discover what weird ways we can work together.