Who am I?!

“The Gatekeeper, Record Keeper of the Ancient Ways, New Ways, bridging the Star gates between our Earth & higher realms. Anchoring the power of love and higher communication…The Cosmic Great White Bear. The Great Bear walks by her side ever present as her footprints carry & earth the codes of all that is bestowed within her. The Great Bear pauses & sits at her side, in great anticipation and knowing of all that will be received as she chooses to speak the truth of the new ways. Her power felt deep within the Earth’s plains, her teaching gathers the children who have been awaiting her care. Where she and Great Bear venture, no stone is left unturned. The dark will be seen and the seen will be loved and the loved will plant new starseeds for the riches to come.”


Aside from having a Great White Bear, I am a wife, a step-mom, sister, aunt, daughter and child of the Universe.

My background is in education. I spent 10 year teaching everything from elementary school through university level students. PE, social studies, math, special education, English, sport management…just to name a few.

My interest has ALWAYS been educating and nurturing the whole child.

Schools don’t do that. They only educate the mental realm and a little bit of the physical in their 1-2x a week PE classes.

Although I’ve left public education, I still want to support and nurture the whole child.

My vision is one of all kids being 100% their authentic selves.

I see them bringing their knowledge and wisdom to improve our lives.

They have knew information, new talents, new ways of being that we can’t even begin to understand.

We’ve been quick to label them with an alphabet full of monikers, but haven’t been as quick to support them for who they are.

They aren’t here for us to mold into who we think they should be.

They are here to BE.

I’m here to support kids, their parents and practitioners who work with children. My purpose is to empower children and the village raising them to be the fullest, boldest, most confident version of themselves possible.