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Guiding Kids to Discover Their Inner Magic

I am a modern day mystic, a witch, a guide, a teacher.

For too long, I’ve pretended to be something less than this.

The children are calling and it is simply impossible for me to ignore them anymore.

I am here to guide children back to their truest self.

I help them find, rediscover and understand the magic they hold within.

Through my signature program, Owls, or through 1:1 sessions, I am here to support your kids.

Owls is all about tapping into inner magic and venturing into other realms.

Your kids might not be able to attend Hogwarts, but through meditation, movement and creative activities and metaphysical exploration they’ll have experiences that are just as rewarding.

My 1:1 sessions are designed to support your kids who might be struggling to understand their extra-sensory abilities or to help them get past fears or blockages in their lives. They can also be for you, to help you better understand and meet the needs of your magical child.

Be sure to look around at what’s available AND check out the blog for some informative and tongue-in-cheek posts.


Grab FREE Affirmation Cards


Want to grab a downloadable set of my affirmation cards?

You’ll get 8 cards (color or black and white options) that you can print and put up around your house.

No strings, no emails needed.

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