I don’t believe in coincidences. So, it’s no surprise you’re here!


You seek insight.

You seek knowledge.

You seek transformation.

The process of turning from a caterpillar into a butterfly can be daunting. But, you don’t have to do it alone.

My purpose is to facilitate your amazing process of transformation.

I’m here to help you sort through the pieces of what doesn’t work anymore, toss them aside and align with what is possible.

I’ll dig with you to find those crevices where shadows hide and shine the light on them.

I am here to support your personal journey and growth. 

Whether you decide an intuitive reading, past life connection or Inner Alchemy session is right for you, I am here to facilitate your process. 

Not sure which one is up your alley? Please reach out, connect and let me help you determine which is the best fit!

What is Spiritual Alchemy?

Alchemy is the process of changing forms. 

In the “olden days” alchemists were thought to be charged with the task of changing metal into gold. 

Rather than working with metals and physical objects, some of these mages were encoding their work.

 They were working with spiritual principles and attempting to gain the ever illusive, “enlightenment.” 

They sought spiritual tranformation.

If you’re ready for your alchemical journey to begin, look no further.