Walking a spiritual path is more often a wild ride than a straight and narrow. 

We clear our “stuff” only to discover more.

Or, we get stuck, unable to see the big picture.

Fortunately, I’ve got your back.  

Spiritual Alchemy is just the right blend of release, transmutation and

magic to transcend agreements (from this life and others),

energetic blockages

and sludge that you have picked up along the last few thousand incarnations.  

Whether we are connecting for:

an Intuitive Reading to get a bird’s eye view of the situation

Inner Alchemy to release past life agreements and old energetic patterns

1:1 spiritual mentoring for on-going, regular support  

or a Circle of Dragons Event

You’re getting clear guidance, actionable steps toward your goals and personal transformation.

Whose Kool Aid Are You Drinking?

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An Open Letter to the Weird Kid

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Dripping with Honey: A Guide to Manifestation

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I’ll Buy Your Warts

“You’re not going to believe this,” said Megan “they are gone. Completely gone!”

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