I don’t believe in coincidences. You’re here for a reason.

You seek insight.

You seek knowledge.

You seek transformation.

The process of turning from a caterpillar into a butterfly can be daunting. But, you don’t have to do it alone.

My purpose is to facilitate your amazing process of transformation.

I’m here to help you sort through the pieces of what doesn’t work anymore.

I’ll dig with you to find those crevices where shadows hide.

I’ll support your personal journey and growth. 

What is Spiritual Alchemy?

Spiritual alchemy is the process of changing forms. 

The Alchemists of the past had to code their work to seem as if they were working with metals. However, they were working with spiritual principles and magick. 

They sought spiritual tranformation.

If you’re ready for your alchemical journey to begin, look no further.